B&B Recap: It All Starts With You.

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Rick advises Brooke, Hope gives Wyatt a show, and Bill receives two visitors.

B&B Recap: It All Starts With You. image

At Brooke's house, Bill goes on about Ridge's propensity for coming and going from her life. He feels she believes that to be her destiny because it was what happened with her father. Bill asks her to go upstairs with him. "Let me spend the night." He takes her face in his hands and tells her the wait is over - they can have everything they talked about. Bill talks about getting back his son and his company too. "It's all within my grasp, but it starts with you." When he starts planning how they'll fly back to Monte Carlo and move in together, Brooke cautions he's moving too fast. Bill just needs one word from her for everything to be right again. He kisses her. She pulls away. "I'm sorry. You have to go." Later, Rick checks in on Brooke, who tells him about Bill's visit. Rick questions her reluctance to be with Bill - he's proven his feelings. Brooke smiles, "Maybe you're right." She decides to go to Bill's.

At the Malibu house, Quinn waits in Bill's bedroom and muses that Brooke won't let him stay the night. She hears Liam come in downstairs and gets up, but retreats when she realizes it wasn't Bill. Later, Bill arrives and tells Liam he doesn't want to talk about his visit to Brooke. Liam offers scotch. Quinn listens as Bill tells Liam about Brooke being stubborn. Liam counsels him not to give up. Bill laughs, "Have you forgotten who you're talking to, Slick?" Bill heads upstairs and finds Quinn waiting with a tasseled crop. Bill refuses to take off his shirt so she rips it open. Downstairs, Liam hears crashing around sounds. He exclaims, "Oh no. Quinn..." Soon, Liam opens the door to Brooke. Bill is on top of Quinn on the bed when Liam knocks on the bedroom door and loudly proclaims that Brooke is there. He scrambles to hide Quinn as Brooke enters. "So, what's going on?"

At Forrester, Wyatt and Hope kiss. She decides to call her mother before they go out for dinner - she's worried about her. Wyatt muses that he's worried about his mother too. "She kinda has the hots for my dad." Hope feels like Quinn shouldn't get her hopes up since Bill is intent on being with her mom. Wyatt knows. He teases Hope that she owes him for the lingerie line - he wants his own private showing. He leads her behind a screen to change. She tells him to lock the door. Hope emerges in a purple teddy that takes Wyatt's breath away. They make out on the sofa.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ally gets her first kiss.

Quinn listens in on Brooke and Bill's conversation.

Someone is fired from Forrester Creations.

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