B&B Recap: That Man Is Me.

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Brooke talks to her kids, Quinn opens up to Wyatt, and Bill visits Brooke.

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At Brooke's house, Rick is telling Hope that he found their mother at Eric's house - she'd been talking to Stephanie - when Brooke arrives. Hope tells Brooke she doesn't have to hide her feelings from them. "We know how much Ridge means to you." Brooke says she apparently doesn't mean as much to him. Brooke and Rick discuss Bill coming to Rick out of concern. Rick says Bill really cares about her. Brooke tells them that in the past, when Ridge left her she would do things she would regret. That's not going to happen anymore. Brooke says this time she'll put her family first. They all embrace.

At the Malibu house, Liam asks Bill about Quinn. Bill says, "What about her?" He tells Liam his only concern right now is Brooke. Quinn Fuller was nothing more than a distraction. Bill maintains that the only woman he wants is Brooke. He goes on about Ridge being with her sister and then guilt-tripping Brooke. "She needs to be done with him. Now." Liam advises him to think about what Brooke needs right now. Bill says she needs to realize she is free - there's not a single reason she can't be with him. Liam reminds him Brooke and Ridge would be married if not for Katie. Bill lists Brooke's best qualities and says she needs a man who can handle that. "That man is me." He tells Liam to start looking for another roommate.

At Forrester, Wyatt finds Quinn thinking about Bill. She tells Wyatt that her and Bill's attraction is visceral. Wyatt wonders if she can see herself with him. She only wants three things - for Wyatt to be happy, their company to be a success, and a companion for herself. She hasn't met a man who excites her like Bill. Quinn complains that Brooke is whiny and needy - she's not right for Bill. Quinn says once Bill realizes that, she'll be there to show him there's one woman in his life who truly understands him. Later, Hope arrives and she and Wyatt make peace with her lingerie line decision. They talk about Ally. Wyatt muses that shadows are hard to shake.

At home, Brooke thinks about Rick saying Bill cares about her and flashes to their good times together overseas. Bill arrives. He warns her he's not leaving. They bicker about the situation. Brooke says nothing's changed. Bill reminds her about the plans they made for their life together. He tells her it's time to let Ridge go and move on.

Liam finds Quinn at the Malibu house looking for Bill. She learns he's at Brooke's place. Liam tells her he'll let him know she stopped in. Later, she lets herself back in to wait for Bill upstairs.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill receives two unexpected visitors in the same evening.

Wyatt gets a private show from Hope.

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