B&B Recap: No Angel.

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Liam and Wyatt argue, Ally appeals to Hope, and Hope reaches a decision.

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At Forrester, Eric allows Ally to stay in the meeting. Wyatt clarifies that he isn't forcing the lingerie idea on Hope. Caroline sees no problem with it. Rick has no doubt it will sell. Ally rants about Hope's message. She asks Hope what's happened to her. Outside the door, Liam and Pam discuss Ally, and then Hope. Liam says modeling lingerie isn't for her - Wyatt's pushing her too far this time. Inside, Ally demands to talk to Hope alone. Meanwhile, the others discuss Ally's vehemence with regard to Hope's message. Wyatt insists that has nothing to do with it - Ally has an axe to grind with him. He walks outside and Pam takes off. Liam tells Wyatt he's there to witness his demise. They bicker about whether Hope should model lingerie. Liam says Wyatt will make her hate herself...and him even more. Pam returns and tells Liam and Wyatt that Hope will do what she wants regardless of them. They keep arguing. Liam thinks Ally will rein Hope in. In Hope's office, she tries to explain to Ally that she was young when she started Hope For The Future and has grown up; things change. Ally wonders if the new 'hope' is for a hot night in bed. Ally feels there are enough bad examples out there for young women. Hope says she's no angel. Ally tells her, "If you cheapen yourself, you cheapen your message." Hope tells Ally she's made her point, but the decision is hers, not Ally's. In the boardroom, Quinn complains about a teenager running the show. Rick points out she's a Forrester. Hope and Ally emerge from Hope's office as Pam is warning Wyatt to treat Ally with respect. The meeting re-adjourns. Hope says she thinks Wyatt is right; a lingerie line will sell. She admits Ally also has a point. Hope announces that she's decided that following in her mother's footsteps isn't right...not now. Wyatt looks confused. Ally grins. Later, Quinn and Wyatt move to another office and rant to each other about everyone pandering to Ally, who is unstable. Ally appears and warns Quinn not to mess with her. "I'll push you out the door. You and your hotshot son." Ally gloats about them taking her advice, well, her mother's advice... Quinn mutters that she's glad she doesn't know her. Ally hisses at Quinn that she's an evil witch. In the boardroom, Liam tells Hope nothing has changed - he loves her as much as he did in Italy. He questions what Wyatt's bringing to her life. Quinn spies as Liam suggests that Wyatt wants to change her. "I hope today showed you something." He says it showed him she's still the woman he loves. He kisses her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill thinks that Ridge's relationship with Katie will help him win Brooke back.

Quinn is determined to have Bill.

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