B&B Recap: A Little Push.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Liam learns of Wyatt's idea, Wyatt holds his meeting, and Donna questions Brooke.

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In the Forrester boardroom, Wyatt tells Ally that he's looking out for the best interests of the company. He points out that she's not a company leader and doesn't need to be there. Hope arrives, and says she's a little nervous. Ally wonders why. Liam greets Pam in the corridor. He assures her he's not there for Wyatt's meeting. Pam tells him there's a life-size cardboard cutout of Hope and a rack of lingerie in there. Liam quickly deduces they're re-doing the bedroom line with Hope. Meanwhile, the meeting gets underway with everyone but Ridge in attendance. Wyatt reveals the cardboard cutout of Hope in lingerie. Pam listens from outside and tells Liam that Wyatt is showing slides. Liam says Hope won't go for being a lingerie model. "I know this." Pam isn't so sure. Pam talks about girls growing into their sexuality. She thinks sometimes people need a little push to become who they want to be. Inside, Wyatt says being sexy doesn't have to be cheap. Maya agrees. When Wyatt suggests it's time for Hope For The Future to take the next step, Ally yells, "No!" Eric says they'll let Wyatt finish. Outside, Liam is amused when Pam tells him Ally took Wyatt on. Pam says she can be her own worst enemy. They talk about Darla's death. He assumes the hit-and-run driver went to jail. Pam says he should ask Steffy. Talk turns back to Hope. Liam doesn't think she'd model lingerie when it came right down to it. In the boardroom, as Wyatt talks, Ally hears Darla telling her she has a responsibility to save the family from shame. Ally asks Hope if she's okay with undressing for the world. Hope admits she had reservations, but thinks Wyatt's right, it could be great. Ally says Grandmother wouldn't stand for this. Rick smirks that Stephanie didn't always get her way. Ally pleads with Hope not to do this. Wyatt asks for Ally to be removed.

At Brooke's house, RJ calls out for Ridge. Brooke says he's not there; he's probably still at work. RJ figures he'll play with him when he gets home. Brooke tells RJ that things turned out differently than they wanted. Later, Donna arrives and questions Brooke as she pours a vodka. Brooke says she's having a crisis. Donna thinks she's sounding uncharacteristically cynical. They discuss RJ. Donna says he seems okay; like a happy kid. Brooke says Hope was the same way - it was an act so as not to upset Mommy. Brooke admits she has a terrible ache inside. "I don't even want to be with me."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt and Liam do battle over Hope.

Hope faces an important business decision.

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