B&B Recap: Get Rid Of The Filth.

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Thorne is surprised by Ally's admission, Wyatt has an idea, and Rick talks to Brooke.

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Rick arrives at the Forrester mansion and sees Brooke passed out on the floor. She awakens and says she took a cab over there. "I was drinking." Rick knows why - Ridge and Katie. He says Bill told him because he's worried. They discuss whether it's payback. Brooke rants about the way she treated Katie. Rick stops her from beating herself up. Brooke apologizes to Stephanie's portrait. In Ally's room, she cuts out photos of Hope. They are all over her room. Thorne arrives and says he came in through the back. Ally realizes Eric must have called him. Ally tells him that Darla talked to her and advised her to put an end to what is happening at Forrester Creations. Thorne asks what she thinks she has to do. Ally snaps, "Get rid of the filth." She says she has to protect Hope from Wyatt. Thorne tells her that's not her job. She disagrees. Thorne says Darla wouldn't be opposed to Hope's relationship. Ally scoffs that Thorne didn't know Darla very well if he thinks that. She says Darla had Hope's values, which is why she's put her on this mission.

Wyatt kisses Hope awake at home. They decide to stay in bed. He broaches the idea that Hope's line should have lingerie. Hope is flattered, but says she'd feel weird. "I'm not my mom." He still thinks she should take over the bedroom line. "Jaws would drop." Hope talks about how embarrassing it was growing up with Brooke modeling lingerie - she's not sure about the message it would send. Wyatt thinks it would show she's an adult with many sides. He sees them as a young Ridge and Brooke. Hope admits she is much more comfortable in her sexuality now - thanks to him. She decides she kind of wants to do this! Wyatt says he'll bring it up today.

At the Forrester Boutique, Eric and Quinn happily discuss the Stephanie Forrester jewelry plans. Eric says he's heading to the meeting. He wonders if Quinn knows what Wyatt has on the agenda. She doesn't, but thinks it will be positive for Hope.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt thanks Oliver by phone for getting things together so quickly. Ally appears. He reminds her she quit. She laughs that she can quit every day if she wants to - she's a Forrester. She warns him if he does one more thing to disgrace Hope, he's gone. Wyatt tells her those decisions aren't up to her. He suggests she not stay for the meeting. She mutters, "I'm Hope's shadow and I will protect her."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt thinks Hope For The Future should debut a more provocative line.

Liam receives information from Pam.

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