B&B Recap: Live In The Moment.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Brooke talks to Stephanie, Katie and Ridge make love, and Bill visits Rick.

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At Katie's house, she and Ridge make love for the first time. After, Katie can't believe he's been hiding in plain sight. Ridge tells her he's not the same guy who went to Paris. They talk about letting go of the past and decide to try to move forward with no expectations or regrets. They make love again. Katie remarks that she doesn't want the amazing night to end. Ridge shows her how to live in the moment by kissing her passionately again.

A tipsy Brooke arrives at the Forrester mansion and calls out for Eric and Ally. No one answers. She looks at Stephanie's portrait and recalls how Stephanie would act when she was disappointed with her. Brooke pours a drink and slurs, "You were always right." She wishes Stephanie had been around to stop her from getting involved with Bill. Brooke tells Stephanie about Ridge and Katie and apologizes for not being the Forrester matriarch she wanted her to be. Brooke drinks and wonders if maybe Stephanie would have approved of Ridge and Katie. "So good." Brooke remembers that Stephanie saw the good in her too. She cries and reflects on finally being accepted after all those years of fighting. She gets angry that Stephanie's not there and then cries, "I miss you." Brooke pours more vodka, cries, and lurches unsteadily toward the portrait. She recalls Stephanie advising her not to waste a moment of her life, whether she's with Ridge or not. Brooke slurs that she couldn't do it. She laughs bitterly. "I'm just the s**t from the valley." She falls to the floor.

Bill arrives in Rick's office ranting that they have important things to deal with. He's surprised that Rick doesn't know about Ridge. Rick asks, "He's leaving her?" Bill confirms. "Bingo." Rick's temper flares. He asks what happened this time. Bill says Ridge thinks he's in love with Katie. Rick tries to call Brooke but gets no answer. Bill worries. "She was knocking back a few." Rick gets angry again. Bill questions why he thought it would be different this time. Rick grumbles about Katie. Bill tells him about the fake faint. Rick growls, "He's not doing this to my mother. Not again." Bill feels Ridge and Katie are both hypocrites. He tells Rick they have to make Brooke see she deserves better and see to it she gives up on Ridge for good. Rick is glad Bill is there for Brooke - he cares for her completely; something Ridge is incapable of. Bill says he wants to be there for Brooke - he's never seen her so alone. It scares him.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt thinks Hope For The Future should be more daring.

Eric calls Thorne back to L.A. because of Ally.

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