B&B Recap: Salt In Her Tears.

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Ridge rejoins Katie, Bill hears news from Brooke, and Ally talks to Darla.

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Ridge arrives at Katie's house after visiting Brooke. Katie says Donna told her about R.J.'s trophy. She muses that Brooke must think Ridge should be there with him. Ridge admits Brooke got to him talking about their son, and even insisted he tell Katie it's over. Katie says, "Okay..." Suddenly Ridge kisses her passionately. Katie says she's nervous. They go upstairs and begin making love for the first time.

Bill is at Brooke's house. She is drinking wine and says she hopes he can rein Katie in. "You're about to be shocked." Brooke tells him Katie stopped her wedding on purpose because she's in love with Ridge. Bill chuckles about them bonding over poetry and says Katie would never act on it. Brooke informs him that Ridge told her they're together now. Bill says that means he's the loser Bill said he was, and definitely not worth the salt in her tears. Brooke wonders if this is karma; is she getting what she deserves? She sees how it feels now. "It hurts!" Bill holds her and then complains about Ridge. He tells her to let them have each other and come back to him. Brooke wants to be alone. He tells her to call if she needs him. "Ridge and Katie have given us a gift, and we should take it." Brooke downs her wine.

At Forrester, Eric tells Ally she has made her feelings perfectly clear about Wyatt. Eric tells her that it's time she tried to get her emotions in check. She has no authority to fire Wyatt and her behavior has been unprofessional. He hugs her.

In Hope's office, she and Wyatt discuss the situation with Eric. Hope is so angry about Ally, but says she also feels for her. They puzzle over her hostility. Wyatt muses he must bring out the worst in her. Hope says he brings out the best in her. They kiss. They talk about how amazing Hope is, and how much fun they're having. He promises from now on she'll get the best of him. They kiss.

Ally throws herself angrily onto her bed at home. A voice calls her name. She looks at a vision of Darla in the room. "Hi Mom." Ally talks to Darla about Wyatt and what's happening with the world. Darla reminds her she knows the difference between right and wrong. "The Forresters need you."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke has a deep conversation with someone unexpected.

Bill teams up with Rick against Ridge.

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