B&B Recap: No Harm, No Foul.

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Wyatt faces possible consequences at Forrester, Brooke tries to keep Ridge, and Katie explains to Donna.

B&B Recap: No Harm, No Foul. image

At home, Brooke tells Ridge they are going to fix this. She knows he won't abandon his son. Brooke soothes that Katie will find a wonderful man, but it won't be him - he wouldn't be happy with Katie anyway. Ridge says it seems that 'fixing it' is what they've done all their lives. Brooke moves in close and says she misses his touch. Ridge says there will never be another woman like her. Brooke smiles. She's excited for R.J. to see him at home. Ridge says it's not going to happen. He clarifies that this doesn't work for him anymore. Brooke says they'll make it work. Ridge needs her to understand, he's not coming back. He wants Katie. Brooke says she can give him more. Ridge tells her it's done. They embrace.

At Katie's house, Donna says Ridge isn't just any guy. Katie sarcastically says he's Ridge - of the Brooke and Ridge show. She informs Donna that what's happening between them is the real thing. Donna thinks Katie should back away. Katie asks why, because Brooke always gets what she wants? She's in love with Ridge and they want a future together. Donna is worried if he's truly done with Brooke. Katie says she will give him herself - that seems to be what he wants.

At Forrester, Ally accuses Wyatt again. Pam clarifies what happened at the boutique. Rick and Hope admit they both knew. Quinn tells Eric they tried to protect him. Eric bellows that he should have been told. Ally and Hope bicker over why it was kept quiet. Eric wants to hear from Wyatt. He admits he took the diamond and that it was dumb. He says he did it for the line and the publicity, but it was risky, so he's ready for whatever Eric throws at him. Ally says he belongs in prison. Wyatt makes an appeal to Eric, and vows to take full responsibility. Eric tells Wyatt he put the company in a terrible position. Quinn says it's in the past. "No harm, no foul." Ally goes on about Wyatt poisoning Hope's values. She tells Eric to call the police. Rick tells Wyatt what he did was an embarrassment. He's not even sure he's right for his sister. Hope says her relationship isn't the issue. Ally continues to lash out at Wyatt. Rick tells her to stop. Wyatt apologizes for causing controversy and offers to confess to the cops. Rick says no arrests will be made. Ally snaps. Rick hollers at her about the implications of this getting out. Ally rants that this is wrong. "I quit!" She seethes at Wyatt. "You! I hate you so much. Mr. Popular." Everyone looks stunned.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill's reaction is shocking to Brooke.

Ridge and Katie have sex.

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