B&B Recap: Fast Track To Self-Destruction.

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Liam warns Quinn and Wyatt, Hope is frantic over Ally, and Quinn and Ally have a confrontation.

B&B Recap: Fast Track To Self-Destruction. image

At Brooke's house, Donna digests the news about Katie and Ridge with disbelief. Brooke explains about the fake fainting at the wedding, and declares, "There's no way I'm going to hand Ridge over to Katie." Donna thinks Katie isn't acting like herself. Brooke agrees it's mind-boggling. They agree that Katie is certain to get hurt since Ridge always comes back to Brooke. RJ enters with a trophy he's excited to show Ridge. Brooke and Donna return to discussing Katie and Ridge. Brooke scoffs at them sharing love poems. Brooke hates feeling this way about Katie.

In Hope's office, she tells Ally she can't let her call the police on Wyatt. Ally realizes Hope knew. Hope says Ally can't tell anyone. "He did it for me. It was a stupid publicity stunt." Ally declares that Hope has been brainwashed and is neglecting her values. She thinks Wyatt needs to go to jail. Hope explains the implications for the company if this got out. Ally hollers about Wyatt putting his filthy hands all over her. Hope says Wyatt is wonderful to her. "It's my life, not yours." Ally goes on about the decent, honorable Liam. Hope asks Ally what's really going on with her. Ally takes off, determined to punish Wyatt. In Eric's office, Wyatt and Liam spar verbally about Hope. Liam tells him to keep being smug and arrogant and his world will crumble around him. Quinn enters and exchanges barbs with Liam. He tells them they're on a fast track to self-destruction. Wyatt tells Liam he needs to let this go. Liam says they're time is limited. Quinn and Wyatt mock him. Liam says the list of people who are onto them keeps growing. Liam goes. Wyatt takes a call from Hope that Ally knows about the jewel heist. Quinn rushes out. In the corridor, Pam reveals to Charlie that she didn't tell Ally anything. He gasps, "Uh oh." They discuss Ally tricking him. Charlie wonders what Ally will do. They worry and agree they don't want Wyatt going to jail. Meanwhile, Wyatt has joined Hope in their office. She tells him Ally was very angry. Wyatt says she's not right in the head. They worry about the worst happening. Outside, Quinn catches up to Ally on the bridge. They argue. Ally says Wyatt is a cheap criminal and he will pay for his crimes. Quinn spits, "The hell he will." Ally tries to get past Quinn, who challenges her to bring it on. They struggle. Quinn has Ally up against the railing and looking scared.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie and Ridge talk about their future.

Brooke broods about her circumstances.

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