B&B Recap: Katie's Coming Out.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Brooke insults Katie, Wyatt's project is approved, and Eric warns Ally.

B&B Recap: Katie's Coming Out. image

At Katie's house, Brooke tells Katie, "You're doing this to get back at me, and it's got to stop." Katie says Ridge feels the same way she does, he sees her as a woman, unlike Brooke and Bill. Brooke implies that Ridge pities Katie and just wants her to feel better. Brooke decides to be blunt. "Ridge will never be satisfied with you." Katie replies, "I guess we'll see." Brooke snaps, "This is retaliation and you know it!" Katie says there will be no problems - RJ and Will have become buddies. Brooke asks where she fits in. Katie says she could be alone or go back to Bill - that's what she wanted after all. Brooke sneers at Katie 'coming out' after all the years in her shadow. She calls her a hypocrite. Katie muses, "Maybe you're right, because I learned it from you." Brooke is certain Ridge will leave Katie and she'll be crushed. Katie says she has Stormy's heart...and Ridge's too. "Don't worry about me."

At Forrester Creations, Caroline loves Wyatt's idea about Stephanie's jewelry. Ally angrily challenges Wyatt to explain himself. Wyatt says it's a promotional bonanza. Hope thinks it's brilliant. Rick asks Eric, "What's it going to be?" Ally wants to say something, but Eric feels she's said enough. Eric says Stephanie was proud of every piece in her collection because she was proud of the man who gave them to her - him. He knows Stephanie would approve of the proposal to use them. "And so we shall." Everyone applauds. Ally looks furious. She begins protesting. "What are we doing?" Rick rolls his eyes. Ally asks what a flashy jewelry display has to do with Hope For The Future's message. Eric sternly adjourns the meeting. Hope and Wyatt stay behind and tells Eric that Ally has become very aggressive, tried to fire Wyatt, and even got physical. Hope wants to confront her. Eric says he'll handle it. In the corridor, Pam and Ally commiserate about Quinn and Wyatt. Pam walks off and Quinn appears. She tells Ally that Eric won't tolerate her attitude much longer. Ally says Wyatt is hurting her family's company - she can't let that happen. Pam returns. Eric buzzes Pam to bring Ally in. He tells Ally she has to respect their decisions, and Wyatt's relationship with Hope if things are to work out for her there. Later, Eric tells Pam that Ally is getting worse. She wonders if they should call Thorne. Eric says not yet. Pam warns not to wait too long. In another office, Wyatt asks Hope to move in with him. She says maybe...someday. Ally spies as they kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn and Wyatt realize Ally may be a threat to their association with Forrester.

Liam gives Hope a tribute to Hope For The Future.

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