B&B Recap: I Will Not Allow This!

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Wyatt pitches his idea, Ally speaks out against Wyatt, and Ridge confirms the truth to Brooke.

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In the Forrester steam room, Wyatt flashes to good times with Hope. Later, in an office, Ally tells Pam she knows she dislikes Wyatt and Quinn. She wants Pam to tell her what she knows about them. Wyatt and Hope enter. Hope asks what's going on. Ally tells Hope it makes no difference - she won't listen and he won't let her hear. Eric and Quinn arrive. Pam asks Quinn to pour her a tea. Quinn snarks, but does it. Caroline and Rick enter. Eric crows about the great team and grumbles about Ridge and Brooke taking care of something personal. Wyatt makes his pitch about displaying Stephanie's jewel collection. Hope loves that it pays tribute to her. Caroline offers to do some outfits too. Ally says it's a terrible idea. She feels it's disrespectful. Pam agrees. Ally accuses Wyatt of being out to promote himself. Wyatt says he doesn't care about that - Stephanie's jewels are art that should be shared. Pam is concerned the jewels could be stolen. Wyatt vows to keep them safe. Ally says it's a publicity stunt that twists everything Hope stood for. She tells Wyatt to take his mother and go back to the warehouse. Hope confronts Ally about her attitude. Everyone decides that Eric should have the last word. Ally glares at Wyatt.

At Katie's house, Brooke demands that Ridge set her sister straight. Ridge says he's sorry. "Katie's telling the truth." Brooke glares at him. She then suggests they must be having a little laugh. Katie says it's not a joke. Brooke accuses Katie of being out for revenge. Katie says she's not vindictive. Brooke says it's the same thing she did to her. Ridge pipes up that it's not the same thing at all. Brooke announces that she will not allow this! Katie says she fought her feelings because she didn't want to be her. Brooke says it's crazy that Ridge could be in a romance with Katie. Katie snarks that no man could ever want her after having Brooke. Brooke reiterates this will never happen. Ridge explains how they fell in love. He tells Brooke that people change; he will always love her. Brooke urges him not to give up their future just because she hurt him. Ridge tells her nothing is going to change and leaves her with Katie. Brooke hisses, "I am not letting you get away with this."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Katie have a hurdle to get over.

Ally won't back down from Quinn.

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