B&B Recap: Let You Down Easy.

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Quinn has a run-in with Pam, Brooke's reaction irks Katie, and Ridge arrives at Katie's house.

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At Forrester, Ridge tells Hope he should be there with Katie to talk to Brooke. Hope understands why Katie wanted to do it alone. She decides it really is best this way. He thanks her for giving them time to figure things out. Hope says it was the right thing for all three of them, not that Brooke will agree. Ridge decides to go over there. In another office, Quinn and Wyatt discuss his trip to Paris. She's thrilled to hear that Thorne loved his idea about Stephanie's jewelry collection. Wyatt tells Quinn how great things are between him and Hope. He says there's some stuff going on with Hope's mom right now and she leans on him. Quinn crows that the trip sounds flawless. Wyatt says almost, and tells her about Ally. As he exits, Pam appears. Quinn tells her she'd like to send flowers to Hope and put it on Eric's account. Pam grimaces. She asks what's up with Wyatt's stunt regarding her sister's jewelry. Quinn asks Pam if she misses Chicago - it might be a better place for her. Pam says she's a California girl now. Quinn muses that she'd miss her boyfriend, Up-Chuck. Pam threatens to hand the tape of Wyatt over to the police. The minute he's not Hope's boyfriend anymore, he's going straight to jail! Meanwhile, Wyatt and Hope meet in the steam room and start kissing. He wants to help her get to a better place. She says he already has. Later, Ally tells Pam she saw her talking to Quinn and Wyatt. She says she thinks they're no good. Pam tells her to trust her instincts. Ally asks, "What do you know about them?"

At Katie's house, Brooke repeats, "You're in love with Ridge." Katie confirms. Brooke starts laughing at her. When she catches her breath, she says it's cute and Ridge will be amused by it. Katie says Ridge knows. Brooke wonders what he said about Katie's crush. "Did he let you down easy?" Brooke tells Katie not to be embarrassed, Ridge was just being friendly to her, and she's the last person she would ever feel insecure about. Katie is insulted that she doesn't see her as desirable, or competition. She scoffs at Brooke thinking since Ridge has been with her, no other woman could ever be enough. Brooke tells her to calm down or she'll faint again. Katie says she fainted to stop the wedding, and that Ridge returns her feelings. Brooke says she and Ridge are practically married - he doesn't have feelings for her. She calls Katie naive. Ridge arrives. Brooke tells him they have to go, Katie's not feeling well. Katie says, "I told her, but she doesn't want to accept it." Brooke tells Ridge that Katie's crush is sweet. She assures Katie she won't hold this against her. Katie says things have changed. Brooke, amused, asks Ridge to tell Katie this is ridiculous. Ridge stays silent. "Ridge? Tell her!"

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt pitches a new jewelry line for Forrester Creations.

Brooke makes an admission to Katie.

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