B&B Recap: A Terrible Thing.

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Hope tells Wyatt what she did, Ridge reassures Katie, and Brooke arrives at Katie's house.

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Ridge arrives at Katie's house. She thought they'd agreed he would stay away today. They kiss. They discuss Brooke's impending arrival. Katie admits she's still unsure what she'll say to her. Ridge thinks he should talk to Brooke first, but Katie won't hide behind him. She tells him she's scared. Ridge reminds her she's not guilty of anything; their feelings have changed. Katie wonders what if it's a disaster. Ridge says it doesn't really matter, it has to be done.

On the jet, Brooke imagines telling Ridge she's on her way home. Hope checks on her and then returns to Wyatt. She tells him she has a terrible feeling she did a terrible thing. She explains that Katie deliberately stopped the wedding because she fell in love with Ridge. Wyatt gapes. Hope sighs. She describes the love triangle of Ridge, Taylor and Brooke, and explains that's why she gave Katie and Ridge time to figure things out. She wonders if she should have stayed out of it. Brooke joins them. She asks about Ally. Wyatt says she's up with the pilot. Brooke talks about marrying Ridge right away. She mentions that Katie wants her to come over first.

Hope finds Ridge at the office. He says Katie wanted to talk to Brooke alone first. She muses that works out well for him. They talk about his love for Brooke. He says sometimes you want something for so long that you forget what it's like not to want it, and then the day comes you realize you don't want it anymore. Hope understands that. They debate whether Ridge is like Bill. Ridge says Brooke isn't his wife and he didn't have an affair behind her back. Hope questions his ethics. Ridge says he came back wanting to be a better man, and though he can't talk to her, he thinks his mother would have seen that in him. He asks Hope not to be hard on Katie.

Brooke arrives at Katie's house. Katie tells her there was nothing wrong with her at the wedding. "What you think happened, didn't happen." Brooke tells her she shouldn't feel bad. She asks her to witness her marriage to Ridge at the courthouse. She assures Katie that she will also find a man to love her one day. Katie clears her throat and says that's already happened. Brooke wants to know everything. "Who is it?" Katie tells Brooke she loves her and then breaks the news. "It's Ridge. I'm in love with Ridge."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie is upset by Brooke's reaction.

Pam is approached by Ally, who is looking for support.

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