B&B Recap: Tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Wyatt and Hope discuss Ally, Katie and Ridge make a decision, and Hope warns Katie about Brooke's return.

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Hope and Wyatt make love in the Paris hotel. After, Wyatt exclaims, "Oh wow!" He's glad Ally didn't walk in on that. Hope can't believe she invaded their privacy that way - it's like she was somebody else. Wyatt says he heard Hope and Ally talking earlier. He muses that Paris would be the perfect place to start married life, when Hope's ready for that. Wyatt thinks Hope handled Ally like a pro. He wonders what exactly Hope's feelings are for him. She kisses him passionately. He likes her answer.

In Thorne's office at International, he and Brooke discuss her plans to return to Los Angeles. Thorne gets a call from Ridge's old roommate. Brooke laughs about Bill thinking they were a couple, and says he's still trying to win her over. Thorne thinks he's an egotistical jackass. He adds that Katie also deserves better than Bill.

Brooke arrives at Hope and Wyatt's hotel room as they are discussing her. She announces that she's going home to be with Ridge. Hope says they'll all fly home together. Brooke is thrilled. She goes on about her and Ridge starting their wonderful life together. Later, Hope excuses herself and goes into the other room to use the phone.

At home, Katie puts Will to bed and joins Ridge in the living room. She can't stop thinking about the park. Ridge says, "I told you I loved you." They kiss. Katie asks what's next. Ridge just wants to enjoy each other. They kiss and cuddle over wine. Katie tells Ridge she wants him. They talk about whether they'll be able to get people to understand. Ridge says they'll try. He wants to tell Brooke together. Katie insists she should talk to Brooke alone first. Ridge marvels that he didn't see how amazing and beautiful Katie was sooner. The phone rings - it's Hope. She warns Katie that Brooke is insisting on coming home. She asks how if they've sorted out their feelings. Katie says, "We're in love and we want a future together." Hope says her mother will be heartbroken. Suddenly, Brooke picks up the other line. Brooke realizes Hope is talking to Katie and says she'll be back tomorrow - she and Ridge have so much to look forward to. Katie hangs up and tells Ridge, "Tomorrow..."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie readies herself to tell Brooke the truth.

Brooke needs a favor.

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