B&B Recap: Raunchy And Vulgar.

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Ally and Hope have it out, Thorne and Brooke chat, and Katie and Ridge kiss.

B&B Recap: Raunchy And Vulgar. image

In the Paris office, Brooke tells Thorne that she likes Wyatt. She says Hope's relationship with Liam became too complicated. Thorne asks about Katie. Brooke says she's fine, though her fainting was scary. She tells Thorne that Ridge is taking care of Katie. Brooke says she doesn't think Hope needs her help there. Thorne urges her to go home and get married.

At the Paris hotel, Ally freaks out upon finding Hope in bed with Wyatt. She rants about the way Wyatt speaks to Hope and says Liam would never do that. Wyatt can't believe this. Hope takes Ally out of the bedroom. She explains that what she and Wyatt do in private is their business. Ally insists Wyatt doesn't respect her. Hope tells her whatever problems she has with Wyatt, she needs to get over it. Ally wonders if Hope wants people to see her as raunchy and vulgar. Hope asks, "Pardon me?" Ally says she's supposed to be an example - doesn't her message matter anymore? Hope says the line's focus has changed. Ally says Hope has changed - because of Wyatt. She says he and Quinn ruined Liam's life, and will ruin hers too. Hope thinks this is because Ally wants her with Liam. Hope insists Wyatt is good for her. Ally says he's a liar and if Hope denies it, she's a liar too. Hope gasps, "Wow." Wyatt listens as Ally continues to disparage him. She tells Hope she'd be married to Liam if not for Wyatt and Quinn's manipulations. Hope says she wasn't manipulated, she decided she wasn't ready for marriage. She's sorry Ally doesn't like Wyatt and thinks it's best if she leaves. In the hallway, Ally brings up a photo of Wyatt on her phone and sets his head on fire. Hope returns to Wyatt and they pick up where they left off.

In the park, Ridge talks to Katie about Hope giving them time to figure things out. It's what they must do. They walk around holding hands and stop to watch some musicians. They gaze at each other and slow dance. After, they sit down. He says he won't repeat what he said earlier. She says it's not the words, it's what they can do. Katie says she loves him too. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke is anxious to return to Los Angeles.

Things heat up in Paris for Wyatt and Hope.

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