B&B Recap: Scam Of The Century.

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Liam exposes Wyatt, Bill and Justin seek dirt on Ridge, and Ridge meets with Brooke.

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In Emerald Bay, Wyatt tells Liam, "Goodbye." Liam says he's going, and so is Hope when she hears what he has to say. Hope asks, "What is it, Liam." Liam says it's about Wyatt and a certain jewelry heist. Liam produces the footage from the boutique and shows it to Hope. Liam explains that Wyatt framed the jewel thieves. Hope is aghast.

At Forrester, when Rick brings up the jewelry heist, Pam hollers to Rick that Wyatt is not a hero. She asks if he's ready for the scam of the century. "I've got something to show you." Rick is stunned to see the footage. Pam talks about getting the fox out of the hen house. Rick realizes the fox is with his sister. He calls Liam, who tells him Hope is talking with Wyatt - he hopes she's breaking up with him.

At the outdoor cafe, Ridge thinks about Katie. Brooke joins him and apologizes for putting him on the spot with the ring the other day. Brooke wonders when he'll get over her being with Bill. Ridge says it's more than that - it changed his perspective on a lot of things. Brooke asks what he did with all his time in Paris. He wonders if she's writing a book. Ridge notices Katie and Caroline arrive. Brooke says Katie wants her family back. "And so do I." Caroline draws Katie's attention to Brooke and Ridge. Katie says things are better with Brooke, she's fine staying there. While Caroline talks about marital bliss and the 'right guy', Katie gazes at Ridge. Caroline says she worked with him today, and can't imagine anyone with him other than Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Ridge they've always gotten past 'these' things before. He wonders if that will be their legacy. Brooke talks about their connection in the bedroom and suggests pushing things along. Ridge says even that is different since her and Bill. Katie watches them as Caroline chats about people saying Ridge is different. Ridge looks over at Katie, and they lock eyes.

In Malibu, Bill instructs Justin to dig up anything he can on Ridge - he wasn't living like a monk. Bill muses that when he finds something, Brooke will be his again. Justin warns Bill to be careful on this. Bill is sure of himself. Justin asks if he's over Katie. Bill says he'll never be completely over her, but he loves Brooke and wants her as his wife. Bill thinks if they expose Ridge, things will get better for both of them. Justin keeps plugging away while Bill goes for a run. Suddenly he finds something. Bill returns and is stunned by what Justin shows him.

Outside the trailer, Hope rants at Wyatt about his stupid move and his lie. She says she trusted him. "I gave myself to you and you gave me a lie."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope makes a move during Liam and Wyatt's argument.

Brooke talks to Ridge about the future.

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