B&B Recap: Black And Blue.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Liam goes looking for Hope and Wyatt, Bill plants doubts about Ridge, and Wyatt gives Hope a gift.

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At Spencer, Liam, Charlie and Pam decide that Wyatt must have taken Hope to surf at Emerald Bay. Liam recalls Wyatt telling him he'd be 'green' with envy. Liam leaves. Pam and Charlie think Liam will show Hope the real Wyatt.

At the Malibu house, Brooke tells Bill that she proposed to Ridge and Katie urged him to accept. Bill quickly realizes that Ridge didn't accept. Brooke wants to know when Bill last saw Katie. Bill says it doesn't matter - it's not happening between them. They bicker about Ridge. Bill says Ridge has one set of standards for himself and another less forgiving set for Brooke. Bill thinks she's too good for him. Brooke continues to push for Bill to reunite with Katie. Bill wonders why Brooke's not moving on from Ridge since he rebuffed her. He adds that Ridge could be interested in somebody else anyway. Bill reiterates that he wants Brooke, not Katie. He muses that Ridge will probably return to Paris and wonders what he got up to over there. Bill suggests Ridge might want Brooke to feel guilty because he was unfaithful and feels guilty too. Brooke snaps that she knows Ridge and has complete faith in him. She also still believes in Bill and Katie. Bill says, "I still believe in you and me." Later, Bill calls Justin to find out what Ridge got up to in Paris.

In his car, Liam tries unsuccessfully to phone Hope as he drives toward Emerald Bay.

At Forrester, Charlie shows Pam the emeralds for Quinn's next collection. Pam notes the tables are about to be turned. Charlie muses about Wyatt telling Liam he'd be green with envy - he hopes Liam shows him two more colors; black and blue. Pam says she's a sucker for love, but Wyatt has to own up to what he did.

On the road trip, Hope and Wyatt enjoy their emerald drinks in Emerald Bay and kiss. They talk about the huge step they took the previous night. Hope says he's proved himself to her in all the ways that count. They kiss and talk about Wyatt's chat with Liam before the trip. Wyatt gets Hope to close her eyes and puts a jewelry box on the table. He tells her to reach out in front of her. She feels the box. "What's this?" It's an emerald bracelet - she loves it and calls him her boyfriend. They kiss. Liam appears. "Game over, Wyatt."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam confronts Wyatt about the diamond heist.

Hope learns of Wyatt's secret.

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