B&B Recap: Home Sweet Home.

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Wyatt and Hope set up camp, Liam worries about Hope's safety, and Quinn works to win over Pam.

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At Forrester, Quinn compliments Charlie on doing a good job. She tells him to forget what happened at the boutique. Charlie complains about keeping Wyatt's dirty little secret. Quinn corrects him - he was part of a publicity stunt and reaped the rewards. Charlie says he can't live with this. He storms off as Pam appears. Quinn tells her Charlie may be a little overworked. Later, Pam tells Quinn that something is wrong with Charlie; she feels she should talk to him about it. Quinn advises her to leave it alone. She gushes about how important Pam is to the company and invites her out to lunch.

Liam finds Caroline at his house in Malibu and asks if Hope is there. She says Hope left with Wyatt in his truck with their silly trailer. She advises Liam that in her vast experience if you want to win a lover you let her go. Liam gripes about Quinn's manipulations. Caroline wonders if Wyatt is aware of his mother's idiosyncrasies. Liam thinks he is. He's concerned for Hope's safety. Caroline thinks he's being melodramatic. Liam says he and Hope aren't over and he's worried what Quinn might do if she realizes it.

Wyatt and Hope stop off the roadway by the water. They set up camp, kiss, play on the beach, and kiss some more. Wyatt takes Hope inside to show her all the touches he had put in the trailer. She loves it. He says it will be 'home sweet home' for a while and hopes this will be an experience they will always remember. They talk about Quinn. Wyatt admits his mother is pretty wrapped up in him and can be a little over-protective. He apologizes for interference and lack of people skills. Wyatt shares that one time when things got rough she sold some jewels that weren't what she claimed they were. He admits he didn't stop her, but isn't that person anymore thanks to Hope. Hope assures him that she appreciates his honesty. They laugh that they both have 'interesting' parents. Wyatt hands Hope a gift box and steps outside. She puts on the floaty ivory top and skirt and finds Wyatt setting up a tent on the sand. He tells her she's beautiful and they kiss.

At the outdoor restaurant, Quinn tells Pam a secret - she doesn't have a lot of friends. She confides that she finds the people at Forrester too stuck up - but Pam is different. Pam is flattered that she wants to be her friend. They talk about second chances. Pam wonders if Quinn has ever done anything really bad. Quinn admits there's something. "It's about my son."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Someone proposes.

Katie and Brooke each wonder where they stand with Ridge.

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