B&B Recap: Hit The Road.

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Liam remains trapped in the elevator, Maya receives an unexpected kiss, and Wyatt and Hope embark on their road trip.

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In the Forrester freight elevator, Liam hollers and bangs for help. He pulls out his cellphone but has no service. Outside, Wyatt shows Oliver his RV and Oliver tells him he hopes they have a great trip. Oliver goes back inside and finds Maya wondering what's wrong with the elevator. He shows her photo proofs. "Camera loves you..." They exchange a flirty look. Oliver tells her how much he likes working with her and that she lights up the room. They talk about what a great team they make in the studio. Oliver places his hand on her face and then kisses her. Maya tells him he can't do that. Oliver says he felt something. She reminds him she's engaged to Carter. He grins. "Fair enough." Meanwhile, Quinn finds Wyatt outside and urges him to get going to Malibu, pick-up Hope and get on the road. He says he trusts Hope. Quinn points out that she told him about Hope's meeting with Liam; Hope didn't tell him herself. She urges Wyatt not to give Hope time to change her mind. They discuss Quinn being overzealous. She says she always tried to make up for him having no father. He reassures her. Quinn warns him again that he doesn't want to give Liam a chance to change Hope's mind. He agrees to 'hit the road' and tells her they'll be off the grid for a while. She hugs him goodbye. Inside, Oliver walks over to the panel and re-activates the freight elevator. Liam is thrilled when it starts up and opens.

Hope arrives at Liam's house and sits down to wait for him. She looks at a framed photo of them together and flashes to memories of happier times. She looks out the window and recalls their near-wedding. Wyatt arrives. He tells her Liam will try to talk her out of going away with him. He suggests they just go. Hope feels she should wait a few more minutes. Wyatt thinks she's spent enough time waiting on Liam. Hope throws her cellphone in the ocean and they leave for their road trip.

At Forrester, Liam gets no answer when he tries to phone Hope. Quinn watches him leave the building.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn makes friends with Pam to cover herself.

Hope and Wyatt make a stop on their trip.

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