B&B Recap: Spice Up The Gumbo.

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Liam learns of the road trip, Quinn intimidates Charlie, and Hope discusses her concerns with Rick.

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Outside Forrester Creations, Wyatt tells Hope to imagine how much fun they'd have on a trip in his RV. He promises she won't miss anything important. Hope says she's in. "Let's do it!" Liam appears behind them. Wyatt says they're heading up the coast. Hope gets called away. Wyatt tells Liam not to interfere in their time away. They bicker. Wyatt tells Liam he's boring - sometimes you have to spice up the gumbo. Meanwhile, inside, Quinn steps into the freight elevator with Charlie and stops it. She confronts him about talking to Liam and lets him know she expects him to keep quiet. Charlie mutters about Hope. "If she only knew what your son pulled..." They argue. Quinn reminds him he's been hailed as a hero too. Charlie admits that part is fun, and Pam's turned on by the story. Quinn says she is counting on him to stay mum. In Rick's office, he canoodles with Caroline. He tells her he wants Hope to have what they do - maybe she'll have it with Wyatt. Caroline says Wyatt and Liam are both her cousins so she has to be Switzerland. They hope Quinn backs off, and the best man wins. Hope appears. Caroline goes to check on Liam and Wyatt. Hope tells Rick about the road trip. She admits she's not sure she's ready to take the relationship to the next level. Rick asks if Liam knows about the trip. She says he just found out and clearly doesn't want her to go. Rick thinks maybe Wyatt is good for her. Outside, Caroline teases Wyatt about buying a used trailer. He protests that it's vintage. She talks about the glamorous life of a hero. Later, Rick spots Liam inside and they discuss Hope's trip. Liam says he doesn't trust Wyatt or Quinn. Liam calls Hope, who is in her car. She agrees to meet him at his place before the trip. Rick assumes Liam will try to talk Hope out of going. Liam says he doesn't want her to do something she'll regret. Meanwhile, Quinn, who overheard, places an out-of-order sign on the elevator. Liam takes the freight elevator instead. Quinn watches him get in and then opens a panel and pushes a button to stop it. He hollers and bangs. Quinn calls Wyatt and urges him to pick up Hope, who is on her way to Liam's, and get out of town. He tells her to stop worrying.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya receives a kiss.

Liam tries again to reach Hope.

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