B&B Recap: Strong Manly Arms.

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Ridge takes Katie away from Brooke's house, Liam warns Hope about Quinn and Wyatt, and Wyatt has a big surprise for Hope.

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Outside Brooke's house, Ridge tells a tearful Katie she's in no condition to drive. "Come with me."

At Forrester, Pam takes a stack of files from Hope and complains about Donna being absent due to a broken shoe strap. Liam appears. He tells Hope he misses them and hasn't been in touch with Steffy. He says the only reason they're not married is because Quinn got involved. Hope points out it was no worse than anything Bill did. Liam insists she and Wyatt are capable of more than she realizes - he's trying to keep her safe. They argue. Liam says he won't stop until he convinces her Quinn and Wyatt shouldn't be in their lives. In another office, Quinn warns Wyatt there could be strings tied to Bill's gift. He reassures her about the house in Malibu. She replies, "Fine. When do we move in?" Wyatt says he needs privacy - he has a girlfriend. Quinn beams. They discuss a gift he's planning for Hope. Quinn assumes it's jewelry but he says it's not. Charlie arrives at Pam's desk and says he's working security there. She gushes about him being qualified since he saved their diamond. He looks downcast. Pam goes looking for Quinn and interrupts as she's about to warn Wyatt about Charlie and the security footage. Wyatt asks Quinn to come and check out his surprise for Hope. Outside, he shows her a huge RV. Quinn's not sure it's Hope's kind of thing. Wyatt wonders how she could resist the adventure. Quinn goes back inside and eavesdrops on Charlie, Pam, and Liam, who asks Charlie again about the security footage. Charlie tells Liam, "Sorry." Later, Wyatt takes Hope outside to show her the RV. "Check this baby out!" He says he finally had the money to get one, but more importantly, now has someone to go along for the ride. He asks if she's ready to live the dream. They kiss.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge gets Katie some water and asks what drove her into his strong manly arms. Katie says Brooke thinks she should just forgive Bill and take him back, but it's not that easy. Ridge muses that she could do that, and he could do that with Brooke, but he believes they should take their time to think. "I'm proud of you." Katie complains that in Brooke's mind it all makes perfect sense - she should go back to Bill and forget about everything that happened - because that's what she would do. Ridge and Katie bond over a Shakespearean sonnet. They discuss relationships. Ridge says passion is what always gets him in trouble. Katie thanks him for being a friend. They clasp hands.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope turns to Rick for advice.

Quinn stops Liam from intercepting Hope before she goes away.

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