B&B Recap: Stink Of Superiority.

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Bill confronts Ridge, Katie pays Brooke a visit, and Caroline tries to help Rick relax.

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Caroline watches Ridge design at Forrester Creations. Rick wonders if Ridge is thinking of poaching Caroline from Hope For The Future. Caroline assures him she's happy. Rick asks Ridge if he's the reason Brooke hasn't been in. Bill walks in. He asks if Caroline's happy and wants to talk to Ridge. Caroline drags Rick out. Bill urges Ridge to catch the next flight to Paris. Ridge snarks that Bill hasn't given up on Brooke. Bill comments on Ridge's stink of superiority. Ridge tells Bill he's repulsive. "Your hands on my wife. That keeps me up at night." Ridge confronts Bill dumping his sick wife to sleep with her sister. Bill reminds Ridge he dumped his wife on her honeymoon by text. They bicker. Bill lets Ridge know he realizes he wouldn't touch Brooke because of him. Ridge says neither Katie nor Brooke wants him and he's sleeping on his son's couch - the poorest rich man he knows. Bill calls Ridge out for being a snob. Ridge suggests Bill stay away from both of them. Meanwhile, Caroline has taken Rick to the sauna. He muses that the steam room has seen plenty of action. They kiss. As they sit, Rick says he's relaxing. They discuss Ridge's return. Caroline admits she likes him. Rick says he resents the way he's treated Brooke, but acknowledges how much he means to her. Rick starts stressing over what's going to happen at Forrester now that Ridge is back. Caroline wonders why he's not overcome with lust right now - did getting married ruin everything? Rick reassures her. They kiss.

At Brooke's house, Katie asks her sister if Bill came to see her on an errand from her. Brooke sighs. Brooke admits she believes Bill's place is with his family. Katie wonders if he made her an offer he knew she could refuse to score points with Brooke. Katie says she knew Bill was lying. She wonders if he came back to report to Brooke. Brooke admits they talked. Katie supposes that she pushed Bill to try harder. "Is that really what you want for me?" Brooke just wants to do the right thing. Katie believes her. She muses that maybe she should try for her son's sake. Brooke jumps on this. "You loved him, Katie." Katie reminds her he lied to them both. Brooke urges her to try to get that feeling back. Katie scoffs that she's not Brooke, who falls in love so easily. She says Bill's lost to her, and so is Brooke. She's just trying to make the best of what she has left. Brooke protests. Katie leaves crying and runs right into Ridge.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt has a gift for Hope.

Ridge and Katie discover something they have in common.

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