B&B Recap: Sorry, Kid.

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Brooke pushes Bill to bury his feelings, Ally cautions Liam, and Quinn works to keep Charlie from talking.

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Bill shows up on Brooke's doorstep. He tells her Katie turned him down flat and asks, "Where do we go from here?" Brooke says he has to convince her to let him come back home. Bill says a bigger part of him still wants Brooke - he can't just turn that switch off. Brooke says she wants to be with Ridge. Bill says he's a bad habit. Brooke tells Bill he has to convince Katie their marriage is worth saving - she'll do the same with Ridge. Bill says it's hard thinking of her with Ridge. She tells him to bury his feelings for her. She says his plan to deceive her and Katie changed everything. Bill tries to nuzzle her neck. She says, "Don't touch me like that ever again."

At Forrester, Liam tells Ally if Wyatt is capable of setting up a fake jewelry heist, he's as dangerous as his mother. Ally doesn't think Hope will buy into Liam's theory. She points out that it's obvious he doesn't like Wyatt - he'll never make Hope believe he stole the diamond without evidence. He says he'll find a way to prove it and decides to text Hope. Ally warns him to get proof first or he'll just be dismissed as a jealous ex-boyfriend. Liam says if he's right, Hope needs to get far away from Wyatt.

At the boutique, Quinn tells Charlie he's not calling Liam or anyone else. Charlie says he was taught to always taught the truth. Quinn says no one got hurt and Charlie came out a hero. Charlie grouses that he set him up - he's not going to let it stand. Quinn reminds him of all the perks he's got since he's worked there. She muses that he may not be wanted around any longer if he starts making allegations. She insists Wyatt taking the diamond was a prank - she cannot let him go to jail for it. They debate briefly. Quinn asks him to keep quiet - that way he won't have anything to feel sorry about later. Charlie takes a call from Liam. He looks at Quinn and tells him, 'There's nothing. Sorry, kid."

In the beach house, Wyatt and Hope kiss. They talk about it being nice to be together. Hope loves the feeling he gives her - off balance - like anything could happen. They talk about making mistakes. Wyatt says she makes him want to be a better man. He's proud to be with her and wants her to feel the same way about him. He says a lot has happened to him this year, but most importantly he has her. They kiss. Hope gets a text that Liam has something to tell her, but when she replies, he says, "Never mind."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline helps Rick relax in the steam room.

Bill confronts Ridge over Brooke.

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