B&B Recap: Just Do It.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Wyatt works to convince Hope to move in, Charlie re-enacts the heist, and Quinn grills Pam.

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At the beach house, Wyatt confirms to Hope that he's asking her to move in with him - as a couple. "Why not just do it?" Hope moans that it's a big step - she told her brother they were taking it slow. Wyatt says she can move in one shoebox at a time. "When have I ever steered you wrong?" Wyatt says she's the only person he's wanted to share his life with. Hope tells him she'll visit him a lot. He says he'll hold her to that. They kiss. Hope goes on about how they don't have to rush things. Wyatt says he won't let Liam pull her down or back in again. Hope assures him he's not a rebound but if they move in together it will look like it. Wyatt agrees - it wouldn't be good for the line. Hope doesn't want to keep their relationship a secret - she's proud of what they've accomplished. Wyatt compliments her some more and they kiss again.

In the boutique, Liam has Charlie re-enact the jewelry heist for him. Liam asks if Charlie had his back to Wyatt when the diamond went missing. Charlie says he'll look at the security footage - the police never took it because one of the thieves had the diamond in their bag. Charlie goes to the back and watches footage. He gets a funny look on his face.

At Forrester, Quinn tries to find out from Pam why Liam was asking questions about the heist. Pam wonders if Liam's writing an article - he certainly wanted to know every detail. Ally appears and Quinn departs. Ally and Pam discuss Quinn, who seemed angry. Liam appears and says he's looking for Hope - she's not responding to his texts. Liam takes Ally into the office and tells her he thinks he's got Wyatt. He bounces his ideas about Wyatt engineering the heist as a publicity stunt off Ally. She says the robbers were real. Liam hasn't figured that part out yet. He insists Hope isn't safe with Wyatt and needs to know that. Ally can't understand why Wyatt would steal the diamond. Liam cites the publicity. He doesn't trust Wyatt and Quinn at all. Ally doesn't think they'd do anything to hurt Hope - she's just not buying his theory about the heist. Liam knows it's a long shot.

At the boutique, Charlie realizes he can see Wyatt taking the diamond in a mirror reflection on the security footage. He picks up the phone to call Liam. Quinn appears. "Charlie, put the phone down."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn issues a threat to Charlie.

Bill has something to tell Brooke about Katie.

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