B&B Recap: You've Been My Rope.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Bill agrees to reconcile with Katie, Liam and Hope talk, and Ridge is certain Katie will find love.

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn greets Hope. Hope tells Quinn there was no reason for her to get involved with Steffy - it's a problem that she can't trust her. Quinn asks her not to blame Wyatt. "How was the trip?" Hope says Wyatt made it special and romantic. Quinn is admiring her necklace when Liam appears. Once alone, Hope tells Liam she wants to take time for herself, but is dating Wyatt. He asks, "And you and me?" Hope stays silent. Liam decides he'll wait for her. He feels this is just another obstacle, but Hope insists this is different - Wyatt is more than just a roadblock in their relationship. Liam says there will always be a connection between him and Steffy too, but it's not like them. "Wyatt isn't the guy for you." He says Wyatt and Quinn aren't good people, and he'll prove it. Quinn listens.

Brooke meets Bill at Katie's house. She says they're alone and she called him there to open his eyes. Brooke tells him he can have his family back, and his company too. Bill tells her he's reviewed his life and it was like dangling from the mountain. "You've been my rope, Brooke. Are you sure you want me to let go?" Brooke says they had their time, but now he must think about Katie and Will. She's confident that Katie will take him back, and she's going to have her happily ever after with Ridge. Bill agrees - he'll get Katie to take him back. Later, Brooke looks at a photo of Katie and Bill and thinks.

Ridge visits Katie at Spencer Publications. Ridge says he came back knowing exactly what he wanted, but now everything's different. He can't understand how Brooke and Bill could betray her like that. Ridge asks Katie how she found out. Katie describes the scene with Taylor and how humiliated she felt. She says when she used cameras, it gave Bill an excuse to go back to Brooke. She says it was better than him being with her while wanting Brooke anyway. They talk about Katie being worried for Bill on the mountain. Katie explains how Bill once made her feel. She wonders if that only happens once in a lifetime. Ridge says he doesn't think so. He tells her she's not the only one with premonitions around there and rubs her arm.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie is suspicious of Bill.

The reason for Ridge coming back takes a radical turn.

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