B&B Recap: Dancing Between Two Women.

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Quinn and Liam have it out, Wyatt romances Hope in Hawaii, and Bill makes another play for Brooke.

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In Hawaii, Hope tells Wyatt how impressed she was with the hula dancer and ukulele player. Wyatt has plated lunches from his favorite spot brought in to share with her. Again, she's impressed by him finding out what she wants and delivering it. He says it comes naturally when you love someone the way he does. He tells her a Hawaiian legend about a couple who fell in love and had to separate. She says it was beautiful. He places a flower behind her left ear and tells her that in Hawaiian lore if the princess places a flower behind her left ear she's taken. He talks about how he was closed up and she helped him to open up, like the flower. They kiss.

At Forrester, Quinn tells Liam that Hope is probably getting closer to Wyatt every minute. Liam says her attempt to keep them apart won't be successful. He complains about her manipulating Steffy and playing on Hope's fears. Quinn says it's all on him. Liam assures her that Hope knows he would go to the ends of the earth for her. Quinn wants Wyatt to have his chance. She says Liam has Steffy. Liam says Hope will be his wife, and Wyatt is incapable of loving anyone more than himself. Quinn rants about Liam dancing between two women for years. Liam says all attempts to come between them have failed. He angers Quinn by saying it's a wonder Wyatt isn't embarrassed by her, and by insinuating that she didn't think Wyatt could win Hope on his own. Quinn roars at him to stay away from Wyatt and to leave Hope alone if he knows what's good for him. Liam says her anger only fuels his fire and that Hope will see through both of them soon enough.

At Brooke's place, Bill makes another pitch for them being together. All he cares about is being in her bedroom with her arms around him. Brooke talks about the humiliation of explaining their affair to Ridge. They bicker over whether she should let Ridge make her feel guilty or not. Brooke suggests Bill go back to Katie and Will for everyone's sake. RJ appears and asks if anything is wrong. Brooke sends him to do homework and is upset by him picking up on what's happening. Bill complains about Ridge, saying he only sees her faults. Brooke tells Bill that she loves him, but it's wrong. Bill insists they can't let something this precious slip through their fingers. He says he was never happier than in her bedroom and kisses her. She tearfully tells him to just go.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge takes over a meeting at Forrester.

Rick is upset at Ridge's actions.

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