B&B Recap: She's With Us.

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Stephanie is remembered, Ridge surprises Brooke with R.J., and Eric's other children come home for Christmas.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric toasts Stephanie's portrait as Ridge enters the room. Eric says they're both very grateful he's come home where he belongs. In the kitchen, Pam carols as she bakes. Eric appears for a taste test. Pam tells him she saw the bluebird outside. "She's here, Eric. She's with us." Meanwhile, Thorne hugs Ridge as Felicia and Kristen come through the door. Eric regards his children with a smile. Ridge and Thorne tell Felicia that R.J. arrived last night - it's a surprise for Logan. Pam appears and Eric says she has a new man in her life. Ally and Tony enter. There's a knock. Ridge opens the door to Brooke. He kisses her. She says she has gifts in the car. Ridge wants her to open his gift first. R.J. appears. Brooke gasps and hugs her son.

In the guesthouse, Rick calls out to Caroline who needs help with a button. They kiss and coo. Caroline notices a package. Rick has her open it - it's a photo album of their honeymoon. She asks how he'd feel about volume two, and pulls out a gift - she made him an album too. They kiss.

Caroline and Rick enter the Forrester mansion and Rick pretends not to recognize R.J. Pam calls Felicia and Kristen into the kitchen. Ridge lets R.J. tell Brooke that he'll be going to a school near home. In the kitchen, the Forrester sisters soothe Pam, who is missing Stephanie. In the living room, Ridge congratulates Caroline and Rick while Ally asks Brooke about Hope. Brooke says she will be fine. Eric appears with his eggnog and everyone gathers around to have a glass. Eric speaks about missing Stephanie and making memories, and after, everyone gathers around the piano to sing. Tony puts the topper on the tree and everyone cheers as the tree lights are turned on. Eric tells Ridge whatever happens with Brooke, he's not leaving L.A. again. They agree they need each other. Felicia and Tony decide everyone should say what Christmas means to them in five words or less. Each person takes a turn, and then Eric plays the piano again while the family sings.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

"B&B" will air a previously viewed episode, in which Pam and Eric prepare for their first Christmas without Stephanie, from December 24, 2012. Check it out through Soaps.com's B&B Recap: Scoring Points.

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