B&B Recap: Rock And Roll.

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Hope watches Steffy and Liam, Brooke confronts Liam, and Hope joins Wyatt on the jet.

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Outside the cabin on Brooke's property, Hope looks in at Liam and Steffy. Inside, Steffy reiterates to Liam that she only left him because she couldn't give him a child of his own. He says she's given up so much. Hope watches as they embrace. Liam and Steffy step apart and discuss how they sometimes talk to their daughter and how difficult it was to lose her. Outside, Hope walks away. Steffy asks Liam why he and Hope didn't marry after the annulment. He sighs. "Hope wanted to wait." They discuss the situation with Hope and Wyatt. Liam admits she was flattered by his attention and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Liam tells Steffy it's great to see her happy again. Steffy says she's never stopped loving him. Liam murmurs, "I'm committing to Hope." He assures her she'll have babies, just not with him. They embrace. Steffy leaves.

In Brooke's living room, Donna and Eric chat, Charlie and Pam prepare for the ceremony, and Brooke tells Bill there's a lot going on. Donna pulls Brooke away. Caroline and Rick talk about Liam. Rick then chats with Oliver about Hope. Nearby, Donna grills Brooke about Ridge and Bill. Caroline tells Bill he's doing well - no one's asked him to leave yet. Eric and Brooke share a toast to Hope and Liam and then discuss Ridge and Bill. Eric feels if there's nothing between her and Bill, Ridge shouldn't be upset. Brooke mentions Hope having gone to the cabin. Later, Brooke goes upstairs to find Hope has changed out of her gown. "I'm not marrying Liam." Brooke presses her, but Hope won't say what happened. Hope says, "I need to get out of here."

In the Forrester jet on the tarmac, Wyatt tells the pilot he's going to Hawaii for rest and recovery. Wyatt flashes to kissing Hope. Quinn arrives and they bicker because she wants him to wait for confirmation that Hope went through with the wedding. Wyatt says he has to give up. Suddenly, Hope appears. Wyatt asks what happened. She says Steffy happened. Hope tells Quinn to go back to the office - she's not fired. Once alone, Hope tells Wyatt they're going to Hawaii. Wyatt says he's sorry, but then admits he's really not. She laughs. He hugs her. They say, "Rock and roll."

Brooke arrives at the cabin and tells Liam, "Hope is gone." She explains that Hope came to the cabin and something must have happened. Liam gasps, "Oh no!" Brooke tells him to spit it out. He says, "Steffy was here."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt is surprised to hear that Hope saw Liam and Steffy together because of a note.

Liam tells Brooke he was set-up again.

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