B&B Recap: Dark Cloud

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Wyatt visits Hope, Steffy tells Liam her news, and Hope is stunned to see Steffy with Liam.

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Brooke and Hope walk outside where the wedding will be. They happily embrace.

Bill and Caroline help Liam get ready for the wedding in Brooke's cabin. Bill muses that he really did think he'd end up with Steffy. Caroline leaves. Bill tells Liam that he and Hope have his support.

On the Forrester jet, Quinn tells Steffy she must tell Liam her news before he marries Hope. Quinn takes a call from Wyatt, who says he wants to leave town. Quinn whispers urgently for him not to give up on Hope yet. They land. Quinn tells Steffy that Liam is in the cabin.

Inside Brooke's house, Oliver takes photos and everyone welcomes Rick and Caroline back from their honeymoon. Donna and Eric whisper about Ridge. Wyatt arrives and Oliver tells him Hope's upstairs. Wyatt joins Hope. Brooke goes downstairs. Wyatt tells Hope she looks beautiful and says he hopes this is the best day of her life. He tells her his plans to take his mother to Hawaii to clear their heads - Eric's letting them use the Forrester jet. He says Hope's made him a better person and admits Liam's alright, but then leaves, saying he can't be around her. Downstairs, Charlie and Pam entertain the crowd. Bill tells Brooke the next wedding will be theirs. Eric gets Brooke alone and asks about Bill and Ridge. She says she hasn't told either of them anything yet. Upstairs, Hope spots Quinn after she's planted a note on Hope's dressing table. They exchange well-wishes. After, Brooke checks on Hope, who says Wyatt's still not over her. Brooke spots the note. It asks Hope to break tradition and come to the cabin. Downstairs, the guests toast to Hope and Liam.

Steffy makes her way across the grounds at Brooke's place and flashes to her and Liam getting caught in the sprinklers there. She smiles. At the cabin, she looks in at Liam, and recalls their lovemaking there. She turns away. Liam comes outside. "Steffy?" Inside, Steffy tells Liam she didn't come to cause trouble, but something incredible happened. "I just found out I can have children!" Liam exclaims, "What?" and grins. She feels a dark cloud has been lifted. Steffy reminds him it's why she left him and says it's not in the way anymore. Outside, Hope arrives at the cabin, looks in, and sees Liam place his hands on Steffy's arms...

On the Forrester jet, Wyatt thinks of Hope.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam reacts to Steffy's news.

Wyatt prepares to leave town.

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