B&B Recap: One Shot.

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Quinn implores Steffy to claim Liam, Ridge talks to Eric about Brooke, and Ridge finds Brooke by the waterfall.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge confirms to Eric that he missed Brooke. He asks Eric about Brooke's life. Eric talks about Brooke's support of Hope and Liam, and her relaunch of Brooke's Bedroom. Talk turns to Stephanie's demand that Ridge stay away when she was dying. Ridge regrets not returning. Eric hugs him. They discuss Ridge's split with Brooke due to her texting with Deacon. "She lied to me, Dad." Eric says she lied because she loved him. Ridge says he doesn't want to spend the rest of his days without her. Eric says, "Go to Brooke."

At home, Brooke leaves Katie a message hoping she'll change her mind about coming to the wedding. Hope arrives. She enthuses about her upcoming wedding. Brooke asks about her attraction to Wyatt. Hope admits he's exciting and it's nice how he wants only her - but Liam's always been 'it' for her. They discuss Quinn and Wyatt. Hope thinks they'll have their pick of projects. She admits it was upsetting to see Wyatt clearing his things from the office, but she respects Liam's position. Outside, they a choose a spot by the romantic staircase for the wedding ceremony. Brooke recalls the time Ridge put rose petals in the waterfall and they reunited there. Hope leaves. Brooke descends the stairs and sits at the bottom of the waterfall. Suddenly, rose petals appear in the water, like before. She looks up...Ridge is there. They meet on the staircase. He hands her a rose and says, "Logan." They share a deep passionate kiss.

In Paris, Quinn tries to convince Steffy to tell Liam that they got their miracle. Steffy talks about the end of their marriage. Quinn says now Liam can have a family with her. Steffy says Quinn is working an agenda for her son. Quinn admits it. After a meeting to show off Quinn's jewelry designs, Quinn tells Steffy how well Wyatt and Hope worked together. Steffy says she's surprised Eric let Quinn Artisan go. Quinn says he was against it, but Liam gave Hope an ultimatum. Steffy realizes Hope must be very attracted to Wyatt. Quinn warns Steffy that Liam could get hurt. Steffy insists she can't change anything. "I gave them my blessing." Quinn argues that the reason no longer applies. Steffy admits Liam is the only man she's ever loved. Quinn implores her to go back and claim him - she's got one shot or she'll lose him forever.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke reacts after Ridge's passionate kiss.

Liam and Hope happily plan their wedding, completely unaware of any impending obstacles.

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