B&B Recap: Forgotten.

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Wyatt and Quinn discuss Hope, Katie warns Hope about losing Liam, and Liam and Ally play tennis.

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At Spencer, Hope finds Katie in Liam's office. Katie says he left for the day. They discuss her relationship with Liam. Hope believes he knows that she needs this time right now. They talk about Ally. Hope says she plans to bring her out of her shell and show her how to have a little fun. Hope remarks on Ally questioning her about Wyatt and Liam. Katie says she might have a point. She wonders why Hope isn't marrying Liam now that nothing's in their way. Hope tells Katie about Wyatt's good points. Katie asks if she loves him or could see herself marrying him. Hope says she was ready to marry Liam, but he wasn't. Katie knows she likes the attention from Wyatt, but worries Hope may lose Liam. Hope thinks Liam will wait.

At home, Liam looks at the photo of Hope kissing Wyatt and flashes to them kissing in the cabin. Ally arrives and apologizes for sending the photo. He says it's fine. Liam tells Ally it's not the first time Wyatt's kissed her. She's not surprised they're fighting over Hope - she's amazing. Liam says he's committed to her, but there's only so much a guy can take. Ally talks about how she's looked up to Hope her whole life. Liam gets a text - his tennis buddy cancels. Ally offers to play with him. He sniggers that he usually plays with men, but agrees. On the court, Ally misses a couple shots and then proceeds to clean his clock. He gasps, "You're hustling me!" After, they discuss the photo again. Ally tells him, "If I was Hope..." She stops and asks him to forget she said anything. He chuckles. "Forgotten."

At the outdoor restaurant, Wyatt and Quinn admire the photos of him and Hope. She tells him he is better for Hope than Liam and urges him not to give up. They discuss Thanksgiving. Wyatt teases that he enjoyed seeing his parents sitting together. Quinn talks about how special an experience Hope made for them all. Wyatt says everything she does is special. Quinn worries about things going wrong with Forrester. Wyatt wonders, "Why would they?" He goes on about Liam not being good for Hope. Quinn sends a file with changes she's made to Eric with a messenger. Wyatt tells Quinn he's starting to think it may be a mistake to play it cool with Hope. He flashes to close moments with her and decides he has to make a move. Quinn agrees - you have to go after what you want. Wyatt will plan something romantic and meaningful.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam reaches a decision.

Wyatt has a plan to win Hope over.

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