B&B Recap: Slaying Dragons.

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Katie and Liam discuss their relationships, Bill pressures Brooke to reconcile, and Ally grills Hope.

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Katie walks into Liam's office at Spencer and realizes he thought she was Hope. He complains about Hope having a photo shoot with Wyatt today. He feels like he's losing her. Katie says Hope is not the same naive young girl he fell for - she doesn't need him the same way. She advises him that he doesn't have to slay dragons for Hope any longer - he should figure out what he needs. They discuss Thanksgiving. Liam tells Katie she was more composed than his father or Brooke. Katie grills Liam about whether Bill has been seeing Brooke. Liam says he did ask if Brooke was back at Forrester. Katie says if he's made a strategic target out of Brooke, she'd better watch out.

Bill enters Brooke's office at Forrester. She tells him he can't be there and to leave the door open. He closes the door and stays. Bill tells her they have unfinished business...in her bedroom. She says, "You can be disgusting." He plays innocent - he was referring to her line, Brooke's Bedroom. Outside, Wyatt coaches and flirts with Maya and Hope at the photo shoot with Oliver. Ally looks on as Oliver suggests Wyatt get in the photos. Ally is sent to get him an outfit. She goes to Brooke's office, but scoots when she sees Bill there. Brooke is exasperated. She tells Bill to go. He wants to be in the same room with her. She says this makes things worse for her. He urges her not to push him away. Brooke won't be that person anymore. Bill can't accept never touching her again. Brooke sheds a tear, but turns and says, "Goodbye, Bill." Later, Ally turns away, looking disapproving, as Wyatt and Hope kiss passionately during the photo shoot. Ally confronts Hope about the kissing shots. Hope says it's part of Wyatt's charm. Ally is surprised she'd find it appealing. She wonders why Hope isn't concerned about Liam's feelings. Hope explains that she spent a very long time stressing about being with Liam, and she's finally taking time for herself. Ally asks if she plans to be with Liam soon. Hope smiles and says Liam doesn't know what a cheerleader he has in her. They go inside to check out the photos. Ally looks grim as Hope teases Wyatt. She sends a photo of Wyatt and Hope kissing to Liam with a note. "I thought you should know."

At Spencer, Liam looks at the photo Ally sent and seems angry.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam discusses Wyatt and Hope with Ally.

Wyatt and Quinn scheme.

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