B&B Recap: Sucking Honey.

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Rick and Caroline celebrate, Ally watches Hope deal with Wyatt and Liam, and Quinn confronts Donna.

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At Eric's house, he congratulates Hope on a great celebration. Hope says she didn't see the wedding coming. Donna and Eric recall their own wedding in that room. Ally, Wyatt, and Liam are also helping tidy up. Quinn announces that she and Donna will do it - everyone should go put their feet up. Once alone, Quinn tells Donna about raising Wyatt alone. Donna says she did a good job. They discuss the Wyatt, Liam, and Hope situation. Quinn shrugs that Liam's in the picture now, but anything could happen. Donna wonders if her philosophy applies to Eric. In the other room, Ally gets everyone talking about Rick's wedding, which leads to Liam and Wyatt verbally sparring. Wyatt says he and Hope will actually make it through their vows, unlike her and Liam. Ally watches as Hope handles Wyatt and Liam competing for her attention. Hope assures Liam she's not going home with Wyatt and they leave. Ally tells Liam that Hope shouldn't be treating him like that - what is she waiting for? She compliments Liam and smiles. In the kitchen, Donna is alone with Eric making tea. She ends up sucking honey off 'Honeybear's' finger. They share a very close moment as Quinn looks on in horror. After, Quinn confronts Donna and calls her a slut. She insults Donna and warns her not to cause trouble for her. Donna says it's not her business - she should leave. Quinn asserts that she's not going anywhere. Donna muses, "There is something very off about you." Later, Eric finds Donna looking at a photo of them. She muses that they're both lonely. He says it's been a long day. Quinn watches from the shadows as they discuss how happy they once were. Donna warns him about Quinn. "She's dark. Maybe even dangerous." They kiss. Quinn looks homicidal. Eric goes to bed and Donna kills the lights. Glass smashes. Donna spots the broken photo of her and Eric on the floor and looks around nervously. Quinn watches Donna from outside with a sinister stare.

Rick carries Caroline over the threshold into his house. She gasps - it's full of lit candles. She asks him to promise to never stop surprising her. They kiss and share a toast. Rick goes on about her being his wife. Caroline calls her mothers, who are disappointed to have missed the wedding, but happy for them. Rick and Caroline end up kissing in the bed and make love. After, Rick says, "I love you, Mrs. Forrester."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Katie discuss their relationships with Hope and Bill.

Ally makes a move.

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