B&B Recap: Crazy In Love.

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Charlie and Pam kiss, wedding preparations are made, and Rick and Caroline wed.

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At Eric’s, Hope calls the guests together to give thanks to the day’s celebration while Liam and Wyatt both think they should celebrate Hope for being so incredible. They gush a bit until Bill breaks it up. Hope puts the focus back on Rick and Caroline, who surprise the guests by announcing their impromptu wedding. Eric offers to play the piano while Dayzee, Hope and Maya lead Caroline off to get ready. Charlie and Pam get to work on the wedding cake in the kitchen. She licks the batter off his finger and then they kiss. Bill finds Brooke outside and tells her he isn’t giving up. She tells him it’s over, but he is sure they will get back to where they were.

The girls lead Caroline to the guest house. Caroline knows that her two moms will be sad about missing the wedding, but is sure they will understand. On the bed is her gown and the girls all gasp. Bill joins the girls after getting Caroline’s text and agrees to walk her down the aisle. Maya, Hope and Dayzee leave and Bill tells Caroline that Rick is a lucky guy to be marrying a Spencer. If he had a daughter he knows she would be just like Caroline. They hug.

Back inside the Forrester Mansion, Quinn addresses Stephanie’s portrait and assumes they would not have liked each other. Eric joins Quinn and she comments how lovely the picture is. He agrees. Meanwhile, Maya runs into Rick by the stairs and tells him how happy she is for him. Later, Eric and Brooke gush over how handsome Rick is as Pam calls attention to Caroline’s entrance. The wedding march begins and she enters with Bill. Brooke hands Caroline a bouquet made from Stephanie’s rose garden and Bill walks her down the aisle. Rick tells her she looks beautiful. Carter begins the ceremony and after commenting on their ups and downs leads Rick and Caroline in their vows. Rick remembers the first time he saw her. Rick almost gave up on them but she didn’t because she knew how good they were together. Every moment with her is a gift and Rick promises to protect and cherish it forever. There isn’t a dry eye in the house as Caroline thanks everyone – the Forresters and Logans are her family now. She adores Rick and knows they will have an exciting marriage. They exchange rings and promise to love each other forever. Carter pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss.

Spoilers for tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn keeps an eye on Donna and Eric.

Wyatt, Hope, and Maya are at a photo shoot.

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