B&B Recap: Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Bill is wary of dinner with Katie, Brooke, and Quinn in attendance, the Logan sisters help Charlie and Pam, and everyone at the table compliments the person to their right.

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Hope and Ally discuss seating arrangements in the Forrester mansion. Liam arrives. Katie coolly acknowledges Bill when he enters. Bill queries Hope about Quinn being there, making his whole fan club complete. Hope grins. "So much to be thankful for."

In the Forrester kitchen, Charlie whispers in Pam's ear about living dangerously as she flinches over putting cranberries in her recipe. Hope brings in the Logan sisters as back-up. Pam balks, but Charlie says they're needed. Pam puts them to work.

Everyone gathers near the Forrester table. Wyatt places the diamond around Hope's neck, whispering that it's okay, Eric knows. She gazes at him. Nearby, Rick asks Caroline to marry him today - Carter can officiate. She agrees enthusiastically. Hope looks over where Bill, who is seated beside Katie, unsuccessfully attempts to switch seating places. Eric gives the floor to Hope. She asks everyone to say something nice to the person beside them. Liam tells Ally how impressed he is by her. Ally tells Thorne how important his is to her. Thorne tells Maya he's excited she's back at work. Maya compliments Carter's determination, and Carter tells Charlie he's a rock star for saving the diamond. Charlie compliments Pam's lemon bars and her pretty face. Pam says Donna is the most annoying person she's ever met...but she's her best friend! They hug. Donna thanks Eric for everything he's done for her and kisses him. Eric tells Dayzee she's been a blessing in all their lives, and Stephanie that her spirit is alive and well there today. Dayzee compliments Rick for running the company, and Rick tells Caroline they'll always remember this day. Caroline thanks Brooke for being there for her. Brooke reminds Katie of their mother's Thanksgiving feasts - Katie was always thankful for family. Katie tries to pass on her turn, but Hope insists. Katie thanks Bill for fathering her child and the good years together. Bill returns the sentiment, telling Katie she's a great mom and made him a better man, before turning to Quinn and saying he respects her for raising Wyatt alone and for starting her own business. Quinn compliments Wyatt on how far they've come together. Wyatt talks to Hope about Big Bear and makes her beam by saying she affects people and brings out the best in them. Hope turns to Liam and says he's amazing - a genuinely good person; everyone loves him. "Happy Thanksgiving!" They all toast, hug, and pass the food. Liam later tells Hope that nobody else could have pulled this off. He kisses her.

Spoilers for Next Week of The Bold and the Beautiful:

A surprise wedding takes place.

Bill won't relent on pursuing Brooke.

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