B&B Recap: Dream Life.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Thorne and Ally discuss Forrester Creations, Bill offers support to Liam, and Bill asks Wyatt a big favor.

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In Malibu, Bill tells Liam he really did think Steffy was the right woman for him...like he thought Katie was right for him. He understands him wanting to move on and offers to talk to Wyatt to get him to back off.

In the steam room, Wyatt asks Hope if she's engaged to Liam. She says, "No." He asks if she likes kissing him. She does, but tells him if he thinks their first time together would be in a steam room in public, he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. She leaves.

In Thorne's office, he and Ally discuss Rick being president and not him. He tells Ally he doesn't need a title to justify his worth. He feels he got to spend more time with her because he wasn't running Forrester. Ally talks about how she wants to work with him, and about Hope having two hot guys after her - a dream life. Thorne worries that he let Ally down by not becoming president. She reminds him that he was able to be there for her. They embrace. Three employees enter and Ally notices how well Thorne gets along with them. She says he's the core of Forrester Creations. They talk about how tough it's been through the years and embrace again.

Hope meets Liam outside of Forrester. He tells her Bill is supporting their relationship and will do his fatherly duty by asking Wyatt to back off. She asks what he's going to say - it's not really his place to ask him to back off. Liam says it's the least he can do. Liam thinks Wyatt will listen since he values being a Spencer.

Wyatt finds Bill waiting for him in his office at Forrester. They discuss Bill's situation. Bill repeatedly says it's complicated, but admits he has moved in with Liam because Brooke threw him out. Wyatt's confused, but glad he's okay. Bill says he may not be after he hears what he has to say. He tells him to find a woman of his own - Hope and Liam have history. Wyatt says it's an ugly history, and it's up to Hope not him, and not Bill. Bill says it's important to him that Wyatt backs off. They bicker. Bill offends Wyatt by suggesting that Hope's his first crush. Wyatt says she makes him feel different than other women. Wyatt informs him he won't step back and watch her settle. He asks Bill to respect that he's fighting too. Bill clasps his shoulder.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric and Thorne give Ally bad news.

Bill is confronted by Quinn.

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