B&B Recap: Playing Catch-Up.

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Brooke seeks forgiveness from Katie, Bill moves into Liam's house, and Wyatt makes time with Hope.

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At the outdoor cafe, Brooke promises to make things up to Katie and assures her it's over between her and Bill. Brooke says she encouraged Bill to go back to Katie and could finally look at herself in the mirror. The chef stops by to chat. After, Brooke asks Katie to forgive her. They discuss blame, of which there is plenty to go around. Brooke says they're sisters and have children. "Please let me back into your life."

Liam is stunned to find Bill has moved into his Malibu house. Bill assures him he'll be back with Brooke soon. Liam's confused - he thought Bill was back with Katie. Bill fills him in on the latest events, adding that Brooke made a point with the leaves and he got it. Liam wants to know how long he'll be living in his house. Bill retorts, "My house." They go back and forth as Liam doesn't want Bill getting in the way of him and Hope. Bill tells him to stop being so...the way he is. Liam accuses Bill of getting off on the competition between him and Wyatt. Bill tells Liam he has his support. They embrace.

At Forrester Creations, Hope is pleased with Ally's progress. Ally teases her about the male attention she gets. They're giggling as Wyatt enters. Ally leaves and Wyatt tells Hope he wants equal time to Liam. Hope muses that she currently spends more time with him. Wyatt complains that's work. He also wants as many kisses, and since Liam's had so many, says he's playing catch-up. He kisses her. He wants to do more as well. She nixes sex with either of them for now. He plants another deep kiss on her. "Give us a chance." Quinn appears and Hope exits. Quinn and Wyatt discuss Hope. They agree Hope would be happier with him. Ally reappears. Wyatt is interested to hear her say Hope's in the steam room. Wyatt heads to the steam room in a towel. Hope is lying on a bench. Wyatt kisses her arms and neck. He reminds her there's no ring on her finger. They kiss. Wyatt whispers, "I love you." Meanwhile, Brooke arrives at Forrester and happily greets Ally. Brooke takes a call from Bill, who apologizes, says he was wrong and he won't live without her. He vows to win her back - he can't live any other way.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Mike Richards, Rachel Reynolds and Danielle Demski work with Thorne and Ally.

Bill attempts to make amends with Liam.

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