Hot Off The Presses.

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Wyatt interrupts Liam's plans with Hope, Bill apologizes to Brooke, and Katie tells Donna about Bill's actions.

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At Brooke's house, Katie tells Brooke she believed Bill wanted their family back. Brooke reassures her about the paperwork she signed - they're gone. Katie wishes she could see the look on his face. Brooke says none of this would have happened had she not given in to him in the first place. Katie says he doesn't have either of them now, in fact, he has nothing.

At Spencer Publications, Justin asks Bill where the papers are, and Alison wonders what's with the leaves? Bill says Brooke brought them back from Aspen. Justin asks, "Brooke did this?" Bill says he has to go see her.

At Forrester, Donna produces Hope For The Future photos hot off the presses. Wyatt moons over how good Hope looks. He asks where she is. Donna says she's at Liam's place.

Outside the Malibu house, Hope wants Liam to address the issue of him and Wyatt being brothers. Liam says Wyatt's too slick all the time - it's phony to him. He doesn't want to discuss him anymore. They change into beachy clothes, kiss, and then sit down to an outdoor meal. To Liam's dismay, Wyatt arrives with the new photos and Hope is keen to see them. Wyatt nibbles the food and doffs his pants to reveal shorts. Liam glares. Soon he and Wyatt are bickering and challenges ensue to see which of them are more manly. Liam finally asks Wyatt to go. Wyatt asks if Hope wants him to leave.

Donna arrives at Katie's house and gets up to speed on Bill's actions. Donna calls him a selfish jerk. She's upset that Justin was in on it. Katie admits Brooke was angry with Bill. Donna says he got what he deserved. Katie is sure Bill will try to manipulate Brooke into forgiving him.

Bill turns up at Brooke's place asking what she did with the papers. He complains he finally had his life back. Brooke is irritated by him blaming Katie and accusing Katie of playing games. Brooke says he lied to her and to everyone. He apologizes for lying to Brooke - he had to for the plan to work. Brooke says his things are packed and he's no longer welcome in her house. Bill says he did what he did for them. He says they had it all; how could she take it away? Brooke says he went too far. Bill apologizes for causing her pain. Brooke says if he doesn't change his ways he'll end up alone with nothing. Bill husks, "Don't give up on us."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill sets his sights on getting back something he lost.

Ally arrives at home.

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