Performance Of His Life.

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Brooke and Katie verbally attack Bill, Liam surprises Hope, and Bill gets an unexpected comeuppance.

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At Forrester, Liam expresses his confidence to Hope that he 'has her'. She warns him that Wyatt is equally confident - they're more alike than they think. Hope takes a call. Liam grabs her phone, pretends to be her assistant, and says she's very busy. After, he tells her he has a surprise for her and asks Pam to hold Hope's calls.

At Brooke's house, Bill argues that what he did wasn't heartless. Katie scoffs that he always said the end justifies the means. Brooke wonders how he could think this wouldn't bother her - Katie is her little sister. Bill says if Katie had been reasonable, he wouldn't have had to go to these lengths. He informs them it's time to move forward. Brooke says there is no moving forward - it's over. Katie wonders if Bill practiced sounding really sincere about wanting their family back. "You gave the performance of your life." She wonders if his son will be proud to find out what kind of man he is. Bill tells Brooke he's not giving up on them. "We'll get past this." She informs him they won't - nobody treats her and her sister that way. Bill leaves. Katie tells Brooke that Bill got everything he wanted while they're paying the price. Brooke says Bill's not getting anything and grins. Katie asks, "Brooke, what did you do?" Brooke says she swapped the contents of the envelope when Bill was arguing with her. Katie gasps. "You did that for me."

Justin and Alison are discussing the change of power at Spencer Publications when Adele enters. They tell her to pack her things - Bill's back in as CEO. Later, Bill strolls in and embraces Alison as Justin booms, "Dollar Bill! Welcome back!" Bill takes his chair and scotch is poured for a toast to his triumphant return. Bill talks himself up and says Brooke will come around, and then he'll have it all. Bill hands over the envelope for Justin to execute the signed paperwork. Justin says they've got a problem - the envelope contains blank papers and leaves.

Hope and Liam arrive outside the Malibu house where he shows her he's done some improvements and redecorating to impress her. He says he did it because he's looking forward to them living together and being married. As they walk, he insists he's not pressuring her, but it's getting a bit old to feel like he's being punished. Hope says, "I love you." They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt interrupts Liam's plans with Hope and their rivalry intensifies.

Quinn accuses Bill of favoring Liam over Wyatt.

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