Lies...All Lies!

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Brooke is appalled by what Bill has to say, Caroline and Hope discuss their lives, and Liam and Wyatt debate about Hope.

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At Spencer Publications, Justin looks at a photo of Bill. Katie enters and says this is Bill's office again. She's surprised to hear that Bill's not in the building. Alison enters. She hasn't seen Bill either. Katie leaves looking thoughtful.

At Brooke's house, Bill says he lied to her because she had to believe they were splitting up to sell it. Brooke can't believe that he wants her to congratulate him for deceiving her sister. Bill says he had to secure their future. Brooke gasps. He says this is how deals get done when the stakes are high. Brooke says this isn't business - it's family - what he did was heartless. He insists he did it for them. Brooke sputters that what he did to them was cruel. She screams that he lied to them both - how could he do this? Bill protests, "I did this for us!" She slaps him. Brooke complains that a life with her should have been enough. She rants about him conning Katie into signing papers. Bill says what Katie did to him was wrong - he couldn't put up with that. Brooke says she doesn't want him anymore. Katie enters as Brooke screams that she could never have a life with him. "Get out!" Katie calls Bill a lying bastard - she knew when he wasn't at the office, but didn't want to believe it. Katie knows Brooke had nothing to do with it, and says now they both know what he's capable of. Brooke narrows her eyes. "Lies...all lies!"

At Forrester Creations Hope and Caroline discuss their successful line and enthuse about becoming sister-in-laws. Hope asks if Caroline is okay with Maya's return. Caroline says she has no reason to feel insecure. Hope says she might like Maya if she gave her a chance. Caroline muses that Rick and Carter might want them to socialize. She asks Hope about Liam and Wyatt. They giggle over Hope exploring her options. Caroline advises her to take her time choosing. Down the hall, Liam overhears Wyatt talking to Ricardo about the diamond. Wyatt introduces them. Ricardo tells Liam his brother is an incredible man. Once alone, Liam tells Wyatt about Bill going back to Katie. Wyatt says Hope told him. They discuss Bill's near-death experience - it would have been devastating to both of them to lose him. Wyatt takes a call about an interview and laughs that it must be killing Liam; him and Hope being media darlings. He shows Liam the press clippings and accolades. Liam says Hope isn't his prize. Wyatt counters, "We'll see." Liam says, "Game on."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke takes steps to make things right.

Liam talks to Hope about their future together.

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