Electric Current.

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Hope learns of Bill's change of heart, Katie calls Brooke over to her house, and Donna and Hope discuss the situation.

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At home, Brooke flashes to Bill telling her that going back to Katie is the only way to get their lives back. Hope arrives to find Brooke sitting in the dark. Brooke says there was an accident. She assures her they're fine. Hope presses her. Brooke opens up about what she's done to Katie and Will and talks about things being too awful to forgive. Hope thinks Bill is even more selfish than Brooke - she encourages her mother to hate him instead of herself. Brooke muses that good people don't do the things that she's done. Hope doesn't think Katie will take Bill back now. Brooke says she will. Hope angrily asks why she would ever do that.

At home, Katie tells Bill she gets that he had a scare; he's not himself. Bill tears up and says he was a fool. Katie guesses that Brooke kicked him out. Bill says she'd never do that. Katie tells him to go. He says he ended it with Brooke. Katie asks what he wants with her - his jailor. Bill counters that she was giving him what he needed - she was right about everything; the drinking, the climbing. He wants them to get back to being happy and in love. Katie says he destroyed what they had; there's nothing for him there. Bill moans about having throwing it all away. He feels an electric current going through him just being in the room with her. Katie says he'll get over it. Bill says his old life ended on that rock wall, this is his new one. "Let me back in." Katie calls Brooke. "Get over here." Later, Brooke arrives while Katie's upstairs. Bill apologizes to Brooke. Katie returns and wonders if they're concocting a plan. Brooke says she knows Bill is there to reclaim a life with Katie. Katie says he wants a lot of things back - she's not sure she's one of them. Brooke insists he doesn't have an agenda. Katie wonders if she should be happy to have Brooke's hand-me-down. Brooke says she wants her happiness. Katie asks why she'd want a man who crawls back to her smelling like Brooke. Brooke says, "Maybe because you know he belongs to you." Bill makes another appeal. Brooke urges Katie to love Bill again. "Now I know how hard it is to stop."

Donna arrives at Brooke's house to talk to Hope. They discuss the situation with Brooke, Katie, and Bill, and wonder what's going on over at Katie's house. Hope asks if Katie will take him back. Donna says she burned that bridge and buried the ashes. Hope worries about what will Brooke do then. Donna tells Hope to change the locks.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie and Bill look to the future.

Brooke is glad for family peace.

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