I'm A Survivor.

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Bill's experience leads to a big decision, Maya admits she misses modeling, and Carter goes to Rick for a favor.

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In Aspen, Bill is very thoughtful. He tells Brooke the near-death incident set his mind straight. They get on the Forrester jet where Bill turns down a scotch. Brooke talks about how terrifying it must have been for him. Bill says he's a survivor. Brooke says it will be a great story to tell Will someday. She muses that if he hadn't decided to wear the harness, he wouldn't be there - she would have lost him. Bill says the experience was life-changing; it was a wake-up call. Bill tells Brooke he's made a decision. He never meant to hurt her, but he's going back to her sister. He says he's lost everything and Brooke's been miserable. Brooke says he told her not to feel guilty and that he loved only her. She believed everything he said to her. "How could you do this? Who the hell are you?"

At Forrester Creations, Maya welcomes Carter back from Hong Kong. They talk about the relaunch. Maya admits she misses modeling - very much. She sometimes wonders if quitting was a mistake. She tells Carter she'd like to go back to it. She's committed to Carter, but misses modeling at Forrester. Carter asks if she's over Rick. She assures him she is, completely. Carter asks her to wait there. In Rick's office, he and Caroline discuss the heist at the boutique. Talk turns to wedding planning. Rick doesn't care where or when they wed, as long as it's soon. Caroline tosses around ideas such as yachts and glaciers. They discuss Bill and Brooke climbing mountains together. Rick says Brooke texted him that something happened to Bill on the mountain. Caroline warns him not to something dangerous like that. Rick teases that marrying her is dangerous enough. Caroline goes to the other office and encounters Maya. Caroline shows off her ring and Maya congratulates her. They discuss Maya's modeling. Caroline realizes she misses it and admits she did 'rock it'. Meanwhile, Carter joins Rick and asks if he'd consider bringing Maya back as a spokesperson for HFTF. Rick isn't sure Caroline would love it. Carter says things have changed. "Will you give her another chance?" Later, Rick joins Maya, who is still waiting for Carter. He talks about how things got messy and then invites her to come back to Forrester Creations as a spokesmodel.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke's future looks radically different.

Caroline isn't pleased by news from Forrester, and confronts Rick.

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