Monday, November 4th, 2013

Bill struggles to remain focused while climbing, Hope learns the diamond went missing, and Katie worries about Bill.

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On the mountain in Aspen, Bill is distracted by thoughts of his arguments with Katie as he climbs. He looks down and Brooke blows him a kiss. He continues climbing and slips. Othello warns him to focus. Ramona tells Brooke she's climbing like a pro. Brooke wonders if Bill's okay - he seems distracted. Ramona reassures her. They take a break and Brooke decides she's at her limit. She shouts to Bill that she's stopping. "How about you?" He says he's good and continues. He appears to struggle as the arguments go through his mind. Suddenly, he slips and falls away from the mountain and down. Below, Brooke screams.

At Spencer Publications, Katie tells Donna, who is there to pick up Will, that she had a check-up yesterday - she's a medical miracle. Donna says she could still take a break now and then. Katie loves being busy. They discuss the Aspen adventure. Katie snarks that she hopes Bill's enjoying every blissful moment, but then worries. She wonders if Bill thought about what it would do to Will if something happened to him...or what it would do to her. Donna leaves with Will, promising to call if she hears from Brooke. Katie's still concerned about her premonition.

At the Forrester boutique, Wyatt smirks just a bit as Charlie panics over the missing diamond. Wyatt assures Charlie that they'll find it, but urges him to get the word out. Charlie makes the call and then continues to fret. He rambles about what they should do next. Wyatt notes there are still two women in the shop. They are men dressed as women and pull out guns. They demand to be given the diamond. Wyatt pretends to know where it is as the cops pull up. He throws Charlies's hot coffee in their faces and the cops burst in and arrest them. Detective Baker grills the known jewelry thieves, who insist they didn't steal anything today. But the diamond is found on them somehow. They are taken away.

At Forrester, Quinn and Hope match jewelry to a clothes design. Quinn muses about great partnerships...like the one Hope has with Wyatt. They discuss the private event that night. Quinn thanks Hope for all she's done, especially for Wyatt, who would do just about anything for her. They get into the car together and Hope learns the diamond has been stolen. They race to the boutique.

Hope and Quinn arrive at the boutique just as the media have gathered. Wyatt speaks about the incident, giving Charlie credit for saving his life and recovering the diamond. The photographers capture Wyatt putting the diamond on Hope's neck.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

A near-death experience changes Bill's outlook.

Wyatt is celebrated at Forrester Creations.

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