Practically Indestructible.

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Wyatt and Hope work at the boutique, Liam and Katie discuss Bill, and Brooke and Bill begin their climbs.

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In Aspen, Bill tells Brooke there's a little wind, but they'll be fine. She says they don't have to go today - Katie's worried. Bill complains about Katie making him jump through hoops to see Will, and groans when he sees another text from her. Brooke reminds him that what he's doing is very dangerous.

Liam enters Katie's office at Spencer Publications as she tries to convince a distributor not to bail over the phone. Liam says they've had that distributor for twenty years. Katie reassures him. She tells Liam that Bill plans to free-climb. Liam's not worried about him - he's practically indestructible. She asks about him and Wyatt. Liam says he's not giving up on Hope. Katie muses that they both have their challenges. He says, "At least you don't have a Wyatt." She replies, "Worse. I've got a Brooke." Liam says he can't see a future without Hope. Katie shrugs that she couldn't see one without Bill, but she lost him. She expresses concern again about the free-climb.

At the Forrester Creations boutique, Hope gripes to Wyatt about Bill mountain-climbing with her mother. They talk about the diamond and two ladies who can't get enough of it. They watch Charlie drink coffee and flirt a bit. Hope says it's too bad they have to close early for the private event. They join Charlie, who talks about jewelry heists. Wyatt learns Hope's been receiving gift baskets and says she's rebranded herself successfully. Hope credits him and the diamond for helping her line. Wyatt watches Hope with admiration as she talks to a young fan and her mother and charms customers. She asks Wyatt about the private event later. He says she'll see - he wants to get the world talking. "Your message will be heard. That's my goal." Wyatt asks Charlie to help him close up. When Charlie turns around the diamond is missing. He panics. "Somebody's stolen the diamond!" Wyatt feigns concern but smirks a little.

At the base of the mountain, Brooke and Bill meet Oliver, Ramona, and Othello. Othello chats with Brooke, who asks him to keep an eye on Bill. Ramona cautions Bill against climbing without a harness. Brooke asks him to put it on - for her. Bill bluntly says, "Let's move out." Bill's stresses weigh on his mind as they ascend to base camp. Brooke and Bill exchange 'I love yous' and they go to climb. Brooke climbs in her harness while Othello goes behind Bill, who does not have one. Bill thinks about his troubles and Othello hollers at him to stay focused.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill has a near-fatal accident while climbing.

Bill changes his future plans following the near-death experience.

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