Ya Wanna Hibernate?

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Brooke surprises Bill, Wyatt hatches a plan, and Katie has a premonition.

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Bill and Brooke walk together in Aspen and talk about Katie's plan to sell the house there. Brooke hopes she'll change her mind - she's just hurt. Bill grumbles about him keeping Will from him. Brooke asks Bill to give Katie a little more time to accept them. They kiss. Later, Oliver comes by - he misses Bill running Spencer. They discuss the climb. Oliver advises against a solo climb. Bill says he'll be doing it. Bill wonders if Brooke has second thoughts. She says, "Never." They eat and chat about the kids and Halloween. Bill continues to gripe about Katie keeping Will from him. Brooke suddenly thinks she hears a bear. She says she'll be right back. Brooke reappears in a sexy bear costume. "Ya wanna hibernate?" Bill growls, "All winter long." He professes his love. They kiss.

At Spencer Publications, Katie tells Hope a big advertiser just bailed. Her secretary reminds her of her doctor's appointment. Katie tears up - Bill always went with her. Hope insists on coming along.

At the Forrester Creations boutique, Charlie the security guard touts his credentials to Wyatt. He talks about a huge heist from the past, stressing how clever thieves can be. Wyatt looks thoughtful. Quinn arrives and Charlie chastises her for getting too close to the diamond. Wyatt explains who she is. Quinn and Wyatt whisper about Charlie not being intimidating enough. Wyatt says he was worried, but now realizes he's the perfect man for the job. Pam shares her lemon bars with Charlie who gives her a tip about the lemon. She's blown away.

At the hospital, Hope asks about Katie's heart. Katie says there have been no problems, other than it's broken. She laments Bill not being there for Will's Halloween. The doctor arrives and Katie admits she's been under stress. He decides to run tests and then tells her she's in excellent condition. Katie is relieved she'll be around for her son now that Bill's gone. Hope tells her she deserves better for Bill Spencer. Katie says the trouble is, he's the only one she wants.

In her office, Hope video chats with Wyatt, who is still at the boutique. He tells her sales are great and they flirt.

Quinn again questions Wyatt about Charlie at the boutique. He says he has a plan, but can't tell her. Quinn warns him not to do anything to blow what they've got going on.

At Spencer, Katie has a premonition about Bill falling off the mountain and phones Brooke, who has Bill lying on top of her. Katie begs Brooke to talk Bill out of climbing. Bill won't budge.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Bill discuss Katie's call.

Wyatt and Hope enjoy continued success.

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