It's A Draw.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Katie refuses to let Bill see Will, Hope confronts Wyatt and Quinn, and Liam and Wyatt find out where Hope stands.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope asks Wyatt if he knew his mother sent her the video. Quinn speaks up, but Wyatt asks her to leave. He tells Hope he knew. He says his mom overstepped, but Hope deserved to know what was going on. Wyatt promises she's the only woman on his radar. Hope isn't too upset, but cautions Wyatt not to keep things from her - she doesn't want that kind of relationship. He grins. "We're in a relationship, huh?" In Hope's office, Liam recalls kissing Hope. Quinn appears and complains about him telling Hope she sent the video. They bicker. She tells him not to deflect his guilt onto her - if he hadn't made the video, they wouldn't be having this conversation. Liam says Hope will finally see Wyatt for who he is. Liam goes to interrupt Hope and Wyatt. He and Wyatt argue until Hope says she's disappointed in both of them - it's a draw. She announces she's putting her personal life on hold to focus on her career. Liam and Hope speak alone. He pushes for marriage. She says she loves him, but needs to be alone right now. They kiss.

At Spencer Publications, Katie tells Donna that Will is not allowed in Brooke's house as long as she and Bill are sleeping together. She says Justin is on his way over there. Donna offers to take Will over later. Katie says they'll be gone to Aspen. They look at scary pictures of how Bill will be free-climbing.

Justin arrives at Brooke's place and tells Bill that Katie wouldn't let him bring Will. He also has disappointing numbers from Spencer. Bill rants. Brooke soothes that it will be fine. Bill calls Katie and tells her to grow up - he wants to see his son. They argue. She complains about his plans to go free-climbing when he has a child - it's too dangerous. Bill says he's going and when he gets back he'll see his son. Bill then complains to Brooke, who calms him down. He decides just to focus on them and their adventure.

At Spencer, Katie and Donna continue to discuss the dangers of free-climbing. They feel Brooke doesn't know what she's getting herself into. Later, Katie tells Will they have to think good thoughts so that Bill's okay.

On the Forrester jet, Bill grumbles about Katie banning him from his own jet. Bill gets a weather report about wind issues from Ramona. Brooke is concerned, but Bill isn't. He says the climb will change their lives forever.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill and Brooke arrive for their adventure in Aspen.

Pam and Charlie the security guard flirt at the Forrester Creations boutique.

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