Moving Product, Baby!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Hope wants Brooke to examine her conscience, Liam talks to Oliver about his troubles, and Bill tries to ease Brooke's doubts.

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At home, Hope warns Brooke that what she's doing is wrong. Brooke urges Hope not to move out, but Hope says staying would mean she's condoning Brooke's living arrangements. She agrees to stay for now, but tells Brooke to listen to her conscience.

At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Justin he's taking Will home. Justin questions, "To Brooke's?" Bill says he got permission from the Big Cheese.

Liam bellies up to the bar at Bikini and is joined by Oliver, who says this must be the Spencer's preferred watering hole - the last time he was in Liam's brother was there. Oliver teases Liam for drinking lemonade and orders a beer. Oliver says Wyatt came up big getting that diamond from Mexico. They discuss Wyatt and Hope. Liam scoffs at the idea that Wyatt loves Hope. Oliver shrugs. "Why not? I did, you do, why not him?" Liam recounts the story of Hope seeing Steffy's video. Oliver asks, "Now she's Wyatt's?" Liam says Wyatt's not having Hope. Oliver suggests maybe it's time to cut the cord, though he knows from experience that it's hard to give her up. They toast. Liam flashes to good times with Hope.

Bill arrives at Brooke's house with Will. He notes her expression and says, "You've been talking to Hope, haven't you?" He talks about going to Aspen. Brooke doesn't think it's a good idea. Bill warns her not to listen to Hope - if they let this slip away they'll regret it. They debate about their relationship. Brooke asks if she seduced him. Bill chuckles. "That's ridiculous." Brooke feels ugly. Bill insists it's not wrong - Katie pushed them together and it stuck. He wants to go to Aspen and be one. Brooke says Hope has a valid point - Storm gave his life for Katie's. "Now what kind of life am I giving her?" Bill says his life with Katie is finished. Brooke thinks his marriage died because of her. Bill disagrees - it wasn't meant to be. They shouldn't deny their love. Brooke says she will be his wife. They kiss.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt ends an online chat with Quinn. Hope arrives. He tells her the boutique is lined up around the corner again. "Moving product, baby!" Hope says her day got much better since she walked in. They spend time giving each other credit for their success...and Quinn. Brooke muses about mothers. "I'm wondering if I can still live with mine." Wyatt says he agrees with her about Bill and Brooke. Hope complains about the inappropriateness of their relationship. Wyatt says she's such a good quality human being. "I love that about you." They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam is determined to prove that Wyatt sent Hope the email.

Katie sets limits for Bill's visitation with Will.

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