Riding High.

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Hope delivers some straight talk to Brooke, Liam and Wyatt bicker about Hope, and Bill visits with Will and Katie.

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Hope shares a tense meal with Brooke and Bill at home. Bill tells Hope he doesn't know which son to root for now that she's taken off Liam's ring. She quips that she's sorry it's not Steffy they're fighting over. Bill says he deserved that, but wants things to improve between them since they're going to be family. Hope is appalled that he's implying he'll marry her mother. Bill states curtly that everyone will make the adjustment. He leaves. Hope tells Brooke, "This is just wrong." Hope says if Bill is going to be living there, she can't. Brooke wonders why Hope can't just let it go and start over with Bill. Hope says Brooke essentially chose Bill over Katie. She says men come and go but family is forever. Hope reminds Brooke of Storm's sacrifice for Katie, and urges her to think. Brooke flashes to Katie saying she trusts her with her life. She changes the subject to Hope's love life. Hope says she won't go the Liam/Steffy route again, and Wyatt is great. Hope returns to Brooke's situation - she thinks it's time she listened to her conscience.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt accepts congratulations from various people and assures someone over the phone that security is tight around the diamond. Liam appears. "Riding high," he remarks, and then adds he wants to see it when he falls. Wyatt says failure's not an option. They bicker about Hope. Wyatt says he and Hope make a great team - he won't disappoint her; that's Liam's M.O. Liam warns him not to pretend this is all about business. Wyatt says he's the one who hurt her with the video. "You lost her." Liam says it's not over. Wyatt marvels at his arrogance in thinking he can repeatedly treat her how he likes and get her back. Liam tells him to back off - Hope belongs to him. Wyatt scoffs that he'll back off when Hope asks him to. He points out that Liam doesn't even know how upset she is about Bill and Brooke. They argue. Wyatt blurts that he'd like to have a brotherly relationship - they have one thing in common; the same taste in women. They laugh. Wyatt asks where he stands on Dad and Brooke. Liam says it's not his business, which Wyatt calls a cop-out. Wyatt feels that Will is losing out big time. As they talk, Wyatt admits he loves Hope. Liam huffs that he's wasting his time.

Bill arrives at Spencer Publications and visits with Will and Katie. Bill holds Will and shows him his cellphone. He apologizes to Katie for way he behaved at the board meeting - though he stands by the points he made. Katie accepts it. She wants them to get along for Will's sake. Bill says he'll always care about her. They agree they don't regret having Will together.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

After talking to Hope, Brooke has doubts about her future with Bill.

Liam has an unexpected conversation about his relationship issues.

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