Stir Crazy.

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Hope refuses to wear Liam's ring, Katie asks Donna about Brooke and Bill, and Maya realizes Rick proposed to Caroline.

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In the Forrester Creations boutique, Hope tells Liam she still has reservations. Liam tells Hope the ring is his word that she is the only woman in his future. Hope says she has to feel certain and that has to come from her, not from something he said or did. She doesn’t feel it right now and so refuses the ring. Liam exits. Wyatt feels like he should say something, but Hope doesn’t want him to. She says that today was amazing, but now she has to go home and pretend it’s okay that her mom is living with his dad. He invites her to his place. She says she’ll see him tomorrow.

At Rick’s place, Maya realizes that Rick proposed to Caroline. He asks, “You wanted to talk to me?” Maya says it doesn’t matter now. She congratulates them. Caroline is pleased that everyone’s happy. Maya leaves. Rick and Maya stand on either side of the door for a moment. Caroline muses that that was a bit awkward, but thinks it was classy of her to congratulate them. Caroline wants to start wedding planning. Rick asks doesn’t she want to stop and savor the moment. She doesn’t. They kiss. Rick talks about them being the next great husband and wife team at Forrester.

At home, Brooke flashes to Katie being in the hospital. Bill realizes she’s thinking about Katie and talks about refocusing the mind – he has an idea how they might accomplish that. He kisses her. Brooke admits she’s feeling stir crazy. Bill decides they’ll go out to dinner. Brooke worries they’ll become front-page news – she doesn’t want to do that to the kids or Katie. Bill says the rest of the world will soon have to deal with their relationship. Hope arrives and tells them about the success at the boutique and about her exchange with Liam. She questions their relationship. “You’re acting like there’s nothing wrong with this.” Bill barks, “Excuse me?” Brooke speaks to Hope alone. Hope asks Brooke how she can be happy living with her sister’s husband? Does she want to isolate Katie from her family? “You’re better than this.”

Donna joins Katie at Spencer Publications and asks about the board meeting. Katie wonders if Brooke told her anything about it. Donna muses that she and Bill have been keeping to themselves. Donna says Brooke wasn’t even at the boutique. Katie is surprised that Brooke missed Hope’s big events. Donna says they’re living in a fantasy world where anyone who has a problem with it doesn’t believe in true love. Katie asks if Donna thinks they’d actually get married. Donna can’t believe Brooke would do that to her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope has an ultimatum for Brooke.

Liam gives Wyatt a warning.

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