I See The Train Coming.

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Liam tries to win Hope back, Caroline basks in her engaged status, and Maya waits for Rick.

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Outside Forrester Creations, Caroline, still with tears in her eyes, realizes she'll be marrying Rick. He tells her how beautiful she is and how happy he feels. They kiss and then get back in the car. As they drive, Caroline tells him she never imagined that him breaking up with her would be just the beginning for them. She asks him about changing her relationship status online. He tells her tomorrow, though she pouts. Caroline says he reminded her what she needed, and now she doesn't want to forget. They have a champagne toast, and he asks if she wants to drive up the coast to Big Sur. She's not keen on going to a ranch and says it would be really nice to just go home.

At the boutique, Wyatt and Hope are alone with Maya. Hope whispers, "Should we say something?" Wyatt tells Maya that Rick commissioned a piece from them - an engagement ring. Maya asks Hope where they went, but she doesn't know what Rick had planned. Maya goes. Before long, Liam arrives. Hope asks if he wants to see the diamond. Liam says she knows why he's there. Hope says she told everyone to let her close up. Liam's glad the event went well. Hope asks Wyatt to give them a minute. Wyatt whispers to the security guard to watch Liam like a goat. Liam launches into a speech to Hope about misreading signs. He says his video to Steffy was to honor what they had and to wish her well. He wonders what the sign was in her kissing Wyatt. Hope informs Liam that he's not the most reliable authority on himself. She believes Steffy has power over him and can access it when she wants to. Hope says she loves him, but it's like he's asking her to lay down on railroad tracks when she sees the train coming and he doesn't. Hope feels she can only trust herself. Liam thinks she's letting the past hold them hostage. She complains that the past keeps repeating itself. Liam says they got through all the manipulations and now everything they've ever wanted is here. He offers the ring. "This is yours, you only have to claim it."

Maya arrives at Rick's place and knocks. She finds the hidden key and lets herself in. She flashes to making love with Rick and muses, "He has to know." Outside, Rick and Caroline arrives. He carries her, laughing, over the threshold. Rick blurts, "Maya." Maya says she has to talk to him. He asks if it can wait until tomorrow.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope is on the spot to make a choice.

Maya is heartbroken.

Liam finds out that Quinn sent the email.

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